Star Wars: The Ultimate Gamble

Speed and Greed


The Crawl

After the successful raid on Tubba the Hutt’s palace Drydek Bel’Ram, Tomoar, and Zebdar settle aboard The Crystal Flair leaving the Tatooine system. They are enroute to Geonosis and the trio pass the time with stories of past adventures and their personal histories. Drydek and Zebdar listened to Tomoar as he shares his tale about hunting Draxys on Kashyyyk with his clan mates.

Characters of Interest

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Once on world the crew meet to debrief with Oda on the details of their mission. Oda listens intently as Drydek tells their tale. Oda is satisfied with their results and agrees with their plan to let Konatta duplicate the data they retrieved and use this as leverage with Melakkan the Hutt. The team will need to clear their names with Melakkan and prevent any blowback for killing his traitorous nephew. The group turns over the data to Konatta and after he reviews the findings he is delighted with what they have found. Konatta has been warning his boss Melakkan about his greedy nephew Tubba, and this will prove him right. It will also go a long way in clearing their name for killing a Hutt. Konatta agrees to pay the team for this information, but only if his boss is pleased with this data. The party agrees to the terms and decides to travel to Caral where Zebdar can reunite with her partner Moshem. Before they leave they hire the Soto siblings to deliver the arms they purchased to Nyn on Ryloth. The team finalizes any last-minute details and prep the ship for take off. Once off planet they program a course into their nav-computer, engaged the hyperdrive and disappear into a field of stars.

They reach Caral in five days. Upon entering the new solar system they take sensor scans. While reviewing their hyperspace route they find that they had passed near some sort of spatial anomaly. They make note of the coordinates and Zebdar guides the Rancor’s Daughter to the lone station that sits on a small dusty planet. The control tower notifies Zebdar that she can use the last dock. It seems that the planet is actually busy today. As they make their landing the crew can see the long dusty trails left behind by several speeder bikes as they race across the rocky planet. Once the three disembark they head to Zebdar’s apartment and find the dimwitted power droid standing in the corner of the room doing what it does best, recharging. Moshem is nowhere to be seen and the investigation of the garage turns up only a dismantled vulture droid. When the power droid is questioned he advises that they investigate the speederbike racer or the junk shop.

The three follow the sound of revving engines and soon see a small Jawa working on a pair of speeder bikes. He tinkers amongst other mechanics and their bikes as various racers stand about or make practice runs. Zebdar’s taps the little creature on its shoulder and the Jawa turns quickly to look. What follows next is several Jawa curse words spoken in the strangest sounding Jawanese imaginable. Mixed in with the bizarre swearing can be heard things such as, “we set procedures to use them,” and “is it so hard to log onto a terminal and respond to your codename,” and “I thought you got nabbed!” Zebdar tries to speak and is cut by Moshem who shouts, “you couldn’t even let me know if you made it Tatooine.”

Eventually Moshem notices the two strangers standing with Zebdar. Once they establish that they are to be trusted Moshem goes on to explain how he spent all his credits on speederbikes. He’s about to have his bikes raced later in the afternoon to try and win some credits. Now that Zebdar is here he tries to persuade her to drive one of the bikes. Zebdar agrees and Tomoar speaks up to say he could drive too. Moshem is ecstatic and resigns his old drivers to work as his pit crew. The group takes a moment fine-tuning the bikes to fit each of the drivers better and to make last-minute adjustments. Once all the racers are ready they begin to line up, and about a dozen bikes float into position along the starting mark. There are three pairs who are racing as a team, Zebdar and Tomoar being one of them. There is also the sister pair, daughters of the most successful local farmer, who are rugged adrenaline seekers. The other pair are Rodians. who are traveling with a small number of clansmen, taking a moment to refuel at the station before they move on for more deep space salvaging. The remaining racers are either local youth or restless travelers. When everyone is in position the signaler gives a flourishing movement that signals the race has started.

The speeders zip off through the rugged terrain, their engines screaming off into the horizon. Drivers push their bikes as hard as they can go, breaking and accelerating, turning and drifting. The racers are fighting for position when two of the riders crash into each other, a third loses control while trying to avoid their wreck. Tomoar and Zebdar are amongst the early leaders along with the Rodian team and one of the sisters. Drydek, who isn’t racing or helping in the pits, is mingling amongst the spectators. He comes across a local simpleton and cons him with a quick bet, taking his credits and moving on. Drydek surveys the crowd looking for the most wealthy of them. He eyes a heavy set human wearing exotic furs, and armed with an expensive and well maintained hunting rifle. Drydek introduces himself to the big-game hunter and learns that his name is Skando. The two enjoy the races for a moment before Drydek asks Skando if he would like to make a large bet, putting their starships on the table. Scandal raises an eyebrow and asks what type of ship that the Bothan pilots and Drydek says that it’s a Modius GA-29. Skando is impressed and mentions that GA-29’s are rare, fine ships. Skando seems reluctant to take the bet at first but eventually agrees. However Skando wants to place his bet on the Wookiee and stipulates that Drydek only wins if the Zabrak finishes first, if any other driver is to win all bets are off. Drydek shakes hands with Skando agreeing to the bet then asks the round man if he would like a drink. Skando says he would enjoy a large tall ale and Drydek turns around to fetch the beverage. When Skando is out of earreach of Drydek the Bothan puts is face near his com-link and tells Tomoar to loose the race. During the final lap Tomoar fakes a vehicle malfunction. Driving his speederbike erratically the Wookie takes out the Rodain team by causing them to have to break to avoid a collision. This left Zebdar in the lead with one driver to beat and the two contenders battled back and forth, each trying to take the lead from the other. As the racers closed in on the finish line, Drydek’s fur begins to change in hue with nervous anticipation. The two blazing speederbikes zoom past the marker and it is Zebdar who is declared the winner. Skando lets out a curse and Drydek shouts a cheer, the proud new owner of a modified Y-Wing. Zebdar collects the five hundred credits for winning the race. Most who witnessed the race agreed that it was the best race yet on Caral. Even Skando was a good sport about loosing and asked Drydek for a ride to his next system. The only ones who seemed to be upset where the Rodians who seemed to feel cheated. They would have voiced their concern but picking a fight with a Wookiee and his well armored bounty hunter companion was probably a poor idea.


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