Star Wars: The Ultimate Gamble

Getting the Band Back Together


[[Episode ?? |The Crawl]]
[[ ? | Cut-Away]]

MISSION SUCCESS: just-another-slow-boat

The group successfully infiltrates the fleet working as general traders to provide a cover story which allows the Bith spies to insert themselves onto the many ships as the band Plated Haze in search of their target Cid Lee. When the clues finally lead to the scum slaver cpatian’s whereabouts the band becomes stricken with a non-serious but disabling sickness, the Bith-flu is very gross. Forced to improvise, the crew of the Hobgobble successfully infiltrate the brothel-ship where Cid is staying.

Characters of Interest

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  • The group successfully infiltrates the fleet as general traders allowing the Bith spies insert them selves onto the many ships as the band Plated Haze in search of target Cid Lee
  • Cid Lee is a major player in the galactic slave-trade industry and a Anti-Slavery group is paying top credit for any intelligence information on his operations
  • Plated Haze work quickly moving from entertainment ship to entertainment ship as they uncover more clues into where and when Cid Lee may make an appearance
  • The Wookiees coerce their way aboard the pleasure vessel as additional body guards, no one argues with them
  • The flight-crew are hired as addition maintenance and bug the droid servants
  • The Zeltron’s are hired on as additional pleasure workers
  • Hala hear a rumor of a hidden stash (Triumph)
  • At the end of the night the group has gathered more then enough information to complete the job


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