Star Wars: The Ultimate Gamble

We Wont Let You Down

Secondary Character Adventure


The Crawl

The support staff of the The Others, the other others if you will, have been sent to handle one of the crew’s expiring contracts while they are away on a mission of their own. Hala Da Res along with the Sullustan Flight Crew and the Wookiee teamsters have been assigned a hauling contract with Melakan the Hutt.

Characters of Interest

Melakan the Hutt

Items of Interest

Droid Modification
Datacard with secret Imperial information

Locations of Interest

The Planet Delanis Newly discovered planet
The Planet Sinjan Cargo Destination
The Planet Tatooine Cargo Pickup


MISSION SUCCESS! Weeeeeeeeeeee

  1. Credits Earned: 2635 Split
  2. Hala Da Res: Konatta divulges too much to the lusty seductress. Uncovered: SECRET MISSION
  3. Sullustans: Two triumphs on Astrogation reveal the undiscovered planet Delanis(unless pat wants something else).
  4. Wookiee: Shadowport Tatooine Local Heroes! Crew now has a safe and protected docking location.
  5. Sullustan Flight Crew upgraded! Prealus Senb promoted to flight leader.
  6. Wookiee Refugees upgraded! Content Not Found: Reshen promoted to crew cheif.
  7. Zeltron Courtesans upgraded! They have developed an improved skillset.
  8. Favor with the Hutts +1


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