Biter whose true name is Krukai Zerth is a Trandoshan male who is brutal, ambitious and a total psychopath. He runs The Storm Hammers an unscrupulous interstellar gang specializing in slavery, drug running, and violent mercenary work. Krukai got his nickname from his tendency to bite off the faces of those who angered him or stood in his way. He came to power after seizing control of a handful of small but dominant gangs, mercenary teams, and smuggling groups. This power grab came about quickly and efficiently in the course of only a few days as he submitted, betrayed, or murdered the key leaders of each group. It is rumored that he had the backing of a large and powerful criminal organization, the identity of which is clouded if even true. It is also said that his brutal ruthless tactic that deliver quick results had gained him favor by many like minded crime-lords who looked the other way when he made his move.

He is extremely dangerous and has a near limitless ambition, rage, and fighting stamina. He loves to fight especially if it leads to killing. His most hated enemy is Zebdar who was once his boss. Zebdar embarrassed him in a public duel in front of many important crime figures. Zebdar beat him in the match fair but Biter broke the rules in a fit of rage and drew a dagger. Zebdar ended up cutting off Biter’s hand with Biter’s own weapon in front of all to witness. Biter’s hand has since grown back due to his regenerative ability but the lose of face has never healed.


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