• Working with the crew to clear their names with the Hutts
  • The crew provided Konatta with data of Tubba the Hutt’s direct double-crossing of Melakan The Hutt
  • Konatta is enroute to Nal Hutta to speak with Melakan directly and the crew awaits his findings

Melakan The Hutt likes what the players have done for him and provides Konatta with 10,000 Hutt Credits and seeks them for work

“Great party, eh? These bugs have learned a lot about entertaining us mammals since the Clone Wars. Good wine. Good music. I could almost believe I was home in a Mos Eisley cantina, eh?” – Kanatta

Appearance: A typically shifty member of the Toydarian species with light blue skin.

Position: Konatta flutters about, never staying in place for long.

Attitude: Friendly, if a little coarse and over-familiar.


Cover story: “I just love a good party, eh?” Why he is really here: Konatta is a seller of information. He hopes to impress his most regular customer, a major crimelord, with any gossip he picks up at the party.


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