Master Cipher

Mastermind of the Shadowed Whisper


Drydek’s Secrets

  • This individual is the secret master of the The Shadowed Whisper
  • Drydek Bel’Ram is secretly The Hand of the Shadow to this individual
  • Cryptic 9 believe that this individual is corrupted, infiltrated, or an impostor who is trying to bring down the Shadowed Whisper
  • Master Cipher has Drydek spying on the Cryptic agent (Cryptic 9) trying to uncover his identity
  • Master Cipher is unaware that Drydek knows the Identity of the double-agent (Cryptic 9)
  • Master Cipher believes Cryptic 9 to still be a loyal agent
  • Master Cipher and Cryptic 9 share some secret bond

Known only to a select few that this individual is the mastermind behind The Shadowed Whisper

Master Cipher

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