Star Wars: The Ultimate Gamble

Facing the Heart of the Lair


The Crawl

SUMMARY The team continues their search for Jessa in the mysterious Sith ruins. Zebdar finds more then she bargained for when she finds an ancient sith lightsaber. Drydek shows the team he’s a crafty combatant when he leads the fight against a giant beast. A creature so terrifying it could rival the dreaded Rancor. Tomoar proves he has what it takes when needed the most. With a coordinated effort the group rescues Jessa and uncovers the identity of a Brotherhood agent known as Thernis. Zebdar and Moshem pilot the Rancor’s Daughter into orbit and avoid the small Imperial blockaid developing. Tomoaar and R5 execute the jump to hyperspace leaving the scene unscathed but not before Zebdar hears someone from the main Imperial vessel reach out through the force and says, ‘Fool, I now know who you are’

Characters of Interest

  1. Thernis

Items of Interest

  1. Sith Lightsaber
  2. Thermal Detonator
  3. Fibercord Wrist Launcher
  4. Datacard Containing orders involving Thernis


  • Drydek Bel’Ram, Tomoar, and Zebdar fight an ancient Sith War-Droid guarding the monument chamber depicting an unknown sith master.
  • Tomoar delivers a critical blow to the droid
  • Zebdar takes major injuries and is ensared in a net
  • Drydek cuts Zebdar loose
  • Tomoar slices one of the four droid’s legs in half
  • Zebdar is able to finish droid and destroys it
  • The team tries to salvage the droid
  • The statue of the master is holding a old but functioning lightsaber
  • Drydek cuts the status hand and Zebdar lets the blade fall to the ground where it breaks
  • Zebdar aided by Drydek repair the broken weapon
  • Zebdar enters a trance when she activates the lightsaber
  • Zebdar experiences a dark vision
  • Zebdar is infatuated with the object and obsessionally keeps it at her side
  • Drydek tries to persuade Zebdar against becoming to attached to the blade
  • Zebdar ignores the Bothan and clenches the Sith lightsaber closer
  • Drydek cuts down the statue with his lightsaber where upon it turns to dust


  • Tomoar detects a creature approaching
  • Simultaneously Zebdar detects a secret room
  • Zebdar is able to sneak the team past the creature and each member hides behind one of the many statute tucked away in an alcove
  • Somehow the party triggers one of the complex’s defense mechanism and two security droid emerge from conceal chambers
  • The creature and the droids enter combat
  • The party joins the battle and makes short work of all the combantants


The Third Moon of Koribban


Episode XXV Cut-Away: The Failed Victory

SUMMARY Drydek Bel’Ram, Tomoar, and Zebdar seek to find the lost Jedi Jessa Thanewulf on the third moon of Koribban.

Characters of Interest

  1. Sith Halocrom

Items of Interest

  1. Sith Fighter Drone
  2. Red Lightsaber Crystal


Clash of the Sith


Episode XXV

SUMMARY The group play the Second Battle of Naboo an event that was the catalyst to Queen Amidala’s appointment to Supreme Chancellor of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

Amidala who is secretly Darth Helzebas, her secret master Darth Neth, and his second apprentice Darth Gourmane seek to defeat Darth Sidious and Darth Maul during the final stages of the battle raging on and around Naboo.

Characters of Interest




SUMMARY Over a hundred starfighters and several dozen corvettes lead by Drydek Bel’Ram, Tomoar and Zebdar battled against the Stormhammers in order to bring an end to the ruthless and brutal crime organization.

Characters of Interest

Items of Interest


  • Tomoar commands the IsoTech fleet comprised mostly of Wookiees aided by Rebel command crews and starships
  • All corvettes focus fire on a group of Stormhammer corvettes Tomoar oversees the attack aboard the Night Ranger
  • All starfighter strike craft make bombing runs on Biter’s flagship the dreadnaught [[|]] using prototype ion-torpedoes designed by IsoTech
  • Zebdar flies a Headhunter as she leads the first wave of trident fighter on their attack run, the deliver a focused hit putting serious strain on the ships systems
  • Biter commands his dreadnaught towards the moons asteroid belt hoping to disrupt the swarming fighters
  • Drydek has a group of Y-Wing target the moving cruisers aft section critically hitting the engines and stopping the vehicle
  • The Stormhammers corvette groups target the opposing rebels but miss most of their marks
  • The Stormhammers move their fighters to support the stranded dreadnought
  • Tomoar’s fighting group fires it’s torpedoes almost disabling the flagship’s systems completely and delivers another critical hit
  • Drydek moves the Rebel frigate into firing-range of its ion cannons and delivers a precise hit shutting Biter’s commandship down
  • Drydek, Zebdar, and Tomoar exit the battle and enter hyperspace where they shortly find themselves at the rendezvous point to begin phase two of their operation
  • Meanwhile friendly forces control the flow of battle as the fighters begin to support the corvettes after their succesful attack run
  • The crew quickly take their stations aboard Rancor’s Daughter and synchronize a jump with the liberated GR-75 transport
  • The two ships jump back into the battle as they position themselves parallel to the dreadnaught
  • The teams transport launch escape pods directly at Biter’s drifting cruiser
  • The escape pods have special conical noses that pierce through the enemies ships hull
  • On board the decks of the dreadnought where the escape pods punched through groups of armed and raging Wookiees emerge to battle their scrambling tormentors
  • Zebdar pilots the Rancor’s Daughter near the dreadnought’s hangar bay and opens her ships airlock
  • Wearing a spacesuit Tomoar pilots her personal walker to jump from the open air lock unto the hull of Biter’s ship
  • Tomoar pushes her at-pt to it’s limit and targets one of the bay shield generators and blasts it into oblivion
  • Zebdar expertly flies Rancor’s Daughter on it’s attack run and damages one of the generators followed by a shot from the ships new droid brain take the second one off-line
  • Destroyer droids engage Tomoar on the ships hull, they fail to prevent the Wookiee who makes short work of the droids as their debris drifts away into space
  • The team bring down the last generator and they rush to make it into the hangar bay
  • Zebdar and the Rebel infiltrators lead by Vord pilot their craft on the hangar bay
  • Tomoar barely makes it aboard the hangar bay but cant compensate for the change in gravity and is forced to abandon his vehicle, fortunately enemy Trandosians pad both of their landings
  • Tomoar unleashes his thermal detonator killing all of Shiv’s bodyguards, and severely injuring Shiv in the process
  • Drydek cuts Shiv’s hand off with his light saber but drops his weapon which melts through the deck and falls to the level below
  • Tomoar gives the Bothan a knowing glance and pardons Drydek to go retrieve his saber
  • Tomoar asks
  • Zebdar with her commando droids and a squad of Raitheon soldiers sneak up on Biter and his body guards
Finishing Touches


SUMMARY The team disperses throughout the Galaxy to negotiate deals and broker the alliances necessary for their final assault on Biter and the growing The Storm Hammers’ fleet.

Characters of Interest

Items of Interest


Drydek Bel’Ram travels to Ryloth bringing freed Twi’Lek slaves and displaced laborers to O’Brin Dor and the Ryloth Spice Mine. Once Drydek finishes the groups interests and his own personal investment with O’Brin and the miners he setups a meeting through Mian Nanb for Rebel support and also agrees to hear what a Black Sun representative has to offer.

Rebel Alliance

Black Sun

Tomoar is aboard the Purple Archer negotiating with three Wookies who speak for the majority of the saved or liberated Wookie slaves. This meeting takes place in the largest corgo bays where cages are being converted into temporary living conditions. Tomaor’s debate is done before all present where hundreds of Wookies surround the scene and climb to vantage points to vocalize their support and hear the proceedings.

  • Barakk Male
  • Krynshaw Female
  • Naraan a male from gives Tomoar the most resitance, bringing the truth of Tomoar before all, and eventually had to be brought down in a furious melee with Tomoar


Zebdar’s old friend Silver, a pilot who happens to be royalty, has helped setup a meeting with the Group Commander Lassic of house House Raitheon who is at war with House Karkonin. House Raitheon operates as an exiled navy fleet in charge of protecting the nomadic citizen vessels until they can liberate and resettle their homeworlds.

  • Zebdar brokers a deal with House Raitheon who will receive the bulk of the salvage from the battle and as many enemy vessels they are able to liberate
  • House Raitheon pledges several corvettes as well as a frigate that will help defend the rallying point
  • Cyandi another of Zebdar’s friends from the past helps deal with the
    Zeltron population that was liberated.
  • Hala Da Res one of the Zeltron freed seeks business opportunities for herself and her Zeltron Courtesans
  • Zebdar hires Hala’s Zeltrons to entertain the Tridents
  • Zebdar samples Hala’s abilities that evening
  • In the morning Zebdar confesses to Hala Da Res about her pregnancy
  • Hala offers her services as nursemaid and concubine if her courtesans can become a part of Zebdar’s ongoing operations
  • The Zeltrons make so much money from the Tridents that Zebdar gets the money back she used to hire the Tridents

Arrangements Procured

Tightening Up Loose Ends

Jessa Thanewulf
[[Tomoar’s Crybernetic ??]]

Fleet engages hyperspace

A Near Miss


SUMMARY The team liberates the Cogbottom a GR-75 Medium Transport owned by Biter’s and operated by his Slaver Baron.

Characters of Interest

Items of Interest



Zebdar Goes Down
  • Drydek is told that he is to be groomed as Master Cypher’s 2nd in command and heir to the organization. Drydek is to be the Hand of the Shadow
  • Drydek is to report any orders given by the traitor who promoted Drydek
  • Drydek is given plans to an advanced imperial space station and instructed to deliver it to the rebellion when ordered
  • The crew and the Jedi make peace, for now
  • The crew insert themselves aboard Biter’s largest slaver vessel disguised as wealthy slavers
  • Tomoar farts causeing a distraction which allows Moshem to sneak off and try to free the Wookiees
  • During the meeting with the Slave Baron combat breaks out
  • Drydek is able to immobilize the Slave Baron with a glop grenade
  • Zebdar attempts to gain access to the Battle Droid controls near the Slave Baron but after a two failed attempts joins the fight instead
  • Moshem eventualy sneaks to the controls which he slices to free the Wookiees
  • Tomoar is able to medically aid and revives the Jedi
  • Zebdar is brought down by a blaster
  • Drydek and Tomoar finish the remaining combatants
Life Debt

The team liberates enslaved Wookiees from one of Biter’s slaving freighter


Important Wookiee Leaders

Cloak & Dagger
  • The Shadowed Whisper assign Drydek to a diplomatic mission to gain the support of Bothan Spynet dissidents
  • On Bathawii Drydek is allowed one bodyguard to accompany him during the meeting
  • Zebdar will be stationed on top a nearby building monitoring the the meeting
  • Drydek and Tomoar use an alias for the meeting
  • As Drydek and Asyr come to the realization as to who the other is, the rooms security guns are activated cutting down the diplomat and her guards where they stand and the buildings alarms are triggered
  • Asyr dies in Drydek’s arms her last words are “but you look so young…”
  • Drydek and Tomoar are separated from Zebdar and their communications are jammed
  • As Drydek and Tomoar attempt to escape the building they soon realize that they are being led as security doors open or close forcing them to follow a specific route
  • in one of the longer hallways Drydek and Tomoar are running down they see Zebdar flying towards them using her jetpack
  • Zebdar grabs Drydek and knocks his disguise kit to the ground and carries the Bothan off as she flies past Tomoar
  • Tomoar grabs the case and attempts to escape on his own
  • Tomoar eventual comes upon the buildings security control room
  • Tomoar knocks out the lone operator and attempts to slice the buildings security
  • Tomoar disables the alarms but is interrupted by security agents returning to duty
  • Tomoar fails to hide himself but is able to knockout the two security agents
  • Meanwhile Drydek notices that the person carrying him is not Zebdar but someone posing as bounty hunter partner
  • The Zebdar impersonator flies Drydek to a secluded room and removes her helmet, reviling a blonde bothan female
  • The blonde bothan reviles herself to be Cryptic 9 and gives Drydek a small metallic box. This device will be used by Drydek to communicate with Cryptic 9
  • Cryptic 9 reveals to Drydek that she is a senior member of The Shadowed Whisper and gives the only field promotion in the organisations history making Drydek Cryptic 23 she also informs Drydek that she believes Master Cypher the group’s leader is a traitor to the Shadowed Whisper who is using his power for his own personal gains. Drydek is to continue to follow orders but report to her with any missions he is given
  • Cryptic 9 leaves the scene flying off into the night sky, Drydek is given coordinates where he is to navigate his ship to rendezvous with Zebdar and the rest of the crew
  • Drydek’s new device given to him by Cryptic 9 projects a hologram showing them an escape route for Tomoar and a near by vehicle that Drydek must repel down the building to access
  • Drydek pilots his commandeered air speeder to a balcony where Tomoar jumps from and lands in the vehicle
  • The vehicle also has a bothan security force communication device which Drydek uses to stay one step ahead of the search efforts to find them
  • Tomoar pilots the craft weaving in and out of traffic and eventually coloides with another driver. Tomoar makes an obscene gesture before driving off
  • Tomoar and Drydek find a place to hide the vehicle so they can repair their damaged escape craft
  • Eventually Tomoar and Drydek arrive at the Eon Eagle where R5-01 has flown the ship to meet them
  • R5 plots a new hyperdrive course to the location Cryptic 9 provided for them
  • On route Drydek, Tomoar, and R5 receive a general distress signal that they decide to break course and investigate
  • At there destination they find pirates attacking a shuttle to fulfill a bounty
  • Drydek and Tomoar decide to aid the shuttle and take down the pirate vessel
  • The SURVIVOR pays the group for their efforts
  • Affter the battle the team is reunited
Return of a Jedi
  • Zebdar finishes the cybernetic hand and forearm she designed to replace the frozen Jedi’s missing limb if she survives the thawing process
  • The team successfully remove the outer chasing of the hibernation device. This piece is dated to be about 500 years old and it’s purpose is to extend the longevity of the inner carbonite vessel. The operation room fills with white light then dissipates during the process
  • The crew of the Rancor’s daughter begin the final stage of thawing Jessa. Red, purple, and pink points of light project from the areas where the carbonite disintegrates off the suspended woman.
  • The ancient Jedi is alive but unconscious, her robe brakes apart as she is supported by the medical droids.
  • The Jedi’s skin is left cracked and scaly and all her hair falls away
  • The medical droids move quickly to harness the patient and prepare to place her into the bacta tank
  • The Jedi awakens screaming as everything in the room is blasted away from her and the Transparisteel barricade buckles
  • The team moves quickly as the bewildered and confused Jedi tries to escape the ship
  • Zebdar uses the force to hold Jessa off the ground and in the air, this takes tremendous will and raw rage to accomplish (darkside)
  • Drydek uses the force to reach out and try help calm the held Jedi
  • The Jedi struggles to form words and cohesive thoughts and has suffered mental deterioration from here long state of hibernation. She is obviously using the force to aid where her body fails.
  • It is revealed that the Jedi was initially frozen by her master Dezgi Vochi who was actually Darth Koth, a sith lord attacking the Jedi order of her time
  • Darth Koth cut off Jessa’s arm and tried to turn her to the dark side then froze her
  • Jessa falls to her knees and sobs as the realization of her situation and the state of the galaxy becomes clear to her then collapses into unconsciousness
  • ELSEWHERE The Empress senses a disturbance in the force
  • The Jedi is placed into the bacta tank and is medically monitored around the clock and Zebdar attaches the cybernetic arm to Jessa
  • The crew of the Rancor’s Daughter uncover many clues while researching data provided by Rohm and as well as investigating the astromech droid that was found along with the jedi (SEE: Carbonite Stranger)
  • V2-SV the astromech droid that was found on the same ship as the hibernation device had it’s programming isolated and moved to the ship’s computer.
  • The now hostile fighter droid attempts to blast it’s way out of the Rancor’s Daughter’s hold
  • Drydek monitors the situation aboard his Y-Wing
  • Zebdar fires at the Droid with her largest rifle and is unable to inflict damage

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