Star Wars: The Ultimate Gamble

Let's Just Get Out of Here


The Crawl


Characters of Interest

  • Dall Eshka’fey was one of the disguised Stormtroopers during the staged bust.

Items of Interest


While on Tet’s Bazaar Drydek is ambushed by three Imperials, one officer and two troopers, while purchasing a thermal detonator from Nikaros.

Tomoar backs up Drydek

Zebdar gets ambushed by a pair of Zabrak bounty hunters from her home world.

Moshem and Tomoar activates the strange broken droids most basic functions. They also manage to retrieve the droids base memory and transfer that data to the ship’s computer.

Drydek, Zebdar, and R5 research the woman in carbonite’s face and are able to identify here to a old historic records that dates back 2000 years. They also deduct that the droid they found is no more then 500 years old.

The party deduces that it would be extremely difficult to try and thaw the carbonite until they get more information on the unit.

The party sets up a deal to meet with someone who may be able to solve their carbonite problems in exchange for a job that he needs done. The group travels to the wheel.

Session Notes

  • Zebdar names her ship Rancor’s Daughter
  • Drydek names his ship The Eon Eagle
Cause and Effect

Drydek’s relives his early years at the junior academy on Bothawui and how his manipulations forced his exodus to Torolis.


  • Amora Shayl’skra daughter of diplomat Asyr Shayl’skra knows the truth about Drydek’s involvement but fails to sway legal authority and pubic opinion and the incident eventually fades into history.
The Strange Discovery
Shady Deals


The Crawl

Cut-Away: Cryptic 9


Characters of Interest

Items of Interest


Drydek, Tomoar, and Zebdar finish celebrating their victory on Caral, winning the largest speeder bike race that planet has ever hosted, a boisterous event but ultimately unimpressive when you consider the planet’s size and isolation. Zebdar won the race with assistance from Tomoar but Drydek was the big winner claiming a new Y-Wing for himself in a bet. He had put the Rancor’s Daughter at risk but fortunately he tipped off Tomoar about the wager during the race. Skando, the big-game hunter, was the poor soul who lost his ship in the manipulation, has asked Drydek if he could be hired to take him to his next destination. Drydek agrees to transport Skando to Tet’s Bazaar, a capitol ship operated by pirates who have transformed it into a mobile trade vessel, with cannons and a support fleet to assist it.

The crew gather Zebdar’s equipment she had stowed on the planet and load them onto Rancor’s Daughter. This includes the land speeder she claimed, the power droid, the vulture droid, her spacesuit, and other tools. They also load up Moshem’s speeder bikes, the Ewok disguised as a Jawa is eager to get off planet. The team buys special equipment and resupplies themselves from the modest trading outpost before boarding their ships. Drydek and R5 will fly in the Bothan’s Y-Wing he renamed The Eon Eagle, while the remaining group will fly in the freighter. Before they set the course to Skando’s destination the team decides to investigate the anomaly they discovered on their way to this system. Moshem goes to work on the Nav-computer and plots the course to this anomaly.


The Y-Wing arrives first and discovers a vast and violent asteroid field. While waiting Drydek and the astromech use the ship sensors and scan the field. Eventually there scans reveal a derelict ship crashed on one of the larger asteroids deeper in. When the Rancor’s Daughter arrive they formulate a plan to try to salvage the stranded vessel. Zebdar will guide her ship towards the asteroid that they plan to land on, while Tomoar and another gunner blast away at any threatening rocks that encroach the ship. Drydek will assist by firing his ships weapons at asteroids and anyone else will assist however they can. The entire crew of Rancor’s Daughter act as one and are able to get the ship through the chaos and approach the mysterious stranded craft. Zebdar’s ship took no physical damage but it’s internal systems were pushed to the limit and suffered heavy strain. Triumphantly they navigated the course so well that Drydek is able to pilot his own craft following a similar route and was able to join them on the asteroid.

Moshem operates the Rancor’s Daughter while R5 pilots The Eon Eagle. Protected in their spacesuits, Drydek, Tomoar, and Zebdar along with the power droid Boxy, board the mysterious vessel they have discovered. The team is unable to tell where the craft was manufactured and have a hard time understanding the scripted language used throughout the ship. Some of it seems to be written in basic and some of it is of unknown origin, most of it is illegible due to corrosion that has occurred over time. Drydek and Tomoar differ in their interpretation but three areas to the ship still exists. There is the maintenance area, the medical bay, and the armory. Drydek suggests that Zebdar and Boxy investigate the armory while Tomoar and himself seek out the medical bay.


Searching through the armory in zero gravity was tricky for Zebdar but she manages to find a lethal looking rapid-fire rifle. The other two scavengers find an empty Bacta tank in the medical bay but more amazingly they find a person encased in Carbonite. Drydek is able to tell that the person who is encased is a human female dressed in robes and is missing most of her right arm. The crew doesn’t have much time to act as Moshem notifies the investigators that a large asteroid is on a collision course with their location. When the crew safely removes the Carbonite slab and stows it aboard their ship Tomoar hastily decides to rush back in to grab the Bacta tank. Moshem warns against this as the impact is minutes away but the Wookiee refuses to listen so Zebdar decides to go and assist. The pair rush to retrieve the valuable item and are able to get it on board but Tomoar is ejected into space from the collision. Drydek, who was aboard his ship was able to fly to the Wookiee’s aid and retrieve him. Drydek also sees a damaged droid floating amongst the crushed debris and gets what’s left of it into his cargo hold. Both ships are able to safely navigate out of asteroid field and the team decides to jump to Tet’s Bazaar and study their new acquisitions.

The flight will take a few days to reach their destination of Tet’s Bazaar. Meanwhile the crew decides to work on various projects on the Rancor’s Daughter. Tomoar continues to build his Bowcaster and is able to complete the task but wasn’t able to install the re-loader modification. Tomoar also is able to get a start on his droid project. Using the dismantled automaton left behind by the Green Bitch, the Wookiee is able to complete the first stage of the build. Moshem goes about fixing the salvaged droid they found at the crash site. He is able to download the units memory core onto the ships terminal for further analysis and restores the droids most rudimentary functions, however it’s logic programming is left uninstall. Drydek continues his dialogue with Skando, in part to try to charm a potential benefactor as an ally and also to distract him from the teams new findings. Skando takes to the Bothan charmer and he develops a mentor like relationship with him. Skando chats Drydek’s ear off for the duration of the journey, yammering on about the old campaigns or some horrible beast Skando hunted down in some complicated and imaginable way. Skando promises to take the crew on his next big hunting expedition. Zebdar spends much of her time at a terminal trying to research information on Biter’s next move.

When the team arrives at Tet’s Bazaar they are greeted by the sultry voice of the ship’s traffic control and command operator, she uses the call-sign Omniscience. The operator assigns each craft a docking bay and notifies them that pricing for fees and services will be handled by dock manager Wynt. Zebdar and Drydek pilot each of their ships into the docking hanger and they meet with the dock manager to go over terms and services. Drydek negotiates the deal in their favor and everyone agrees on a price. Wynt also points them to a weapons broker and starship supply shop.

The crew meets Skando’s partner the Ithorian scout called Io The crew sets off and begin to explore the huge converted vessel. Drydek meets with Arix Sterling a human starship and parts dealer, and the two work out a deal to have an ion cannon installed onto the Eon Eagle. Zebdar and Tomoar are greeted by the no-nonsense arms and armor dealer and the two warriors meet Sovi Morrow. Sovi is a retired gun-for-hire turned weapon dealer, it’s difficult to gauge his species and age because he wears his old mercenary armor and helmet constantly. Zebdar spends the bulk of her profits on weapon modifications and some specialized gear while Tomoar only purchases minor equipment.

Later that evening the crew sets off trying to acquire more restricted items, namely some Neurotoxins or poisons and Tomoar wants to get his hands on a Thermal Detonator. Seeking out the seeder characters aboard the ship Drydek and Zebdar are able to make some underworld connections. Zebdar arranges a meeting with a Duros named Karth while Drydek makes arrangements to see Nikaros a Trandoshan who specializes in high-explosive devices.
Zebdar is able to get a couple items she was interested in, with out incident, unfortunately Drydek Bel’ram and his dealer are caught in an Imperial raid once the exchange is made.


Speed and Greed


The Crawl

After the successful raid on Tubba the Hutt’s palace Drydek Bel’Ram, Tomoar, and Zebdar settle aboard The Crystal Flair leaving the Tatooine system. They are enroute to Geonosis and the trio pass the time with stories of past adventures and their personal histories. Drydek and Zebdar listened to Tomoar as he shares his tale about hunting Draxys on Kashyyyk with his clan mates.

Characters of Interest

Items of Interest


Once on world the crew meet to debrief with Oda on the details of their mission. Oda listens intently as Drydek tells their tale. Oda is satisfied with their results and agrees with their plan to let Konatta duplicate the data they retrieved and use this as leverage with Melakkan the Hutt. The team will need to clear their names with Melakkan and prevent any blowback for killing his traitorous nephew. The group turns over the data to Konatta and after he reviews the findings he is delighted with what they have found. Konatta has been warning his boss Melakkan about his greedy nephew Tubba, and this will prove him right. It will also go a long way in clearing their name for killing a Hutt. Konatta agrees to pay the team for this information, but only if his boss is pleased with this data. The party agrees to the terms and decides to travel to Caral where Zebdar can reunite with her partner Moshem. Before they leave they hire the Soto siblings to deliver the arms they purchased to Nyn on Ryloth. The team finalizes any last-minute details and prep the ship for take off. Once off planet they program a course into their nav-computer, engaged the hyperdrive and disappear into a field of stars.

They reach Caral in five days. Upon entering the new solar system they take sensor scans. While reviewing their hyperspace route they find that they had passed near some sort of spatial anomaly. They make note of the coordinates and Zebdar guides the Rancor’s Daughter to the lone station that sits on a small dusty planet. The control tower notifies Zebdar that she can use the last dock. It seems that the planet is actually busy today. As they make their landing the crew can see the long dusty trails left behind by several speeder bikes as they race across the rocky planet. Once the three disembark they head to Zebdar’s apartment and find the dimwitted power droid standing in the corner of the room doing what it does best, recharging. Moshem is nowhere to be seen and the investigation of the garage turns up only a dismantled vulture droid. When the power droid is questioned he advises that they investigate the speederbike racer or the junk shop.

The three follow the sound of revving engines and soon see a small Jawa working on a pair of speeder bikes. He tinkers amongst other mechanics and their bikes as various racers stand about or make practice runs. Zebdar’s taps the little creature on its shoulder and the Jawa turns quickly to look. What follows next is several Jawa curse words spoken in the strangest sounding Jawanese imaginable. Mixed in with the bizarre swearing can be heard things such as, “we set procedures to use them,” and “is it so hard to log onto a terminal and respond to your codename,” and “I thought you got nabbed!” Zebdar tries to speak and is cut by Moshem who shouts, “you couldn’t even let me know if you made it Tatooine.”

Eventually Moshem notices the two strangers standing with Zebdar. Once they establish that they are to be trusted Moshem goes on to explain how he spent all his credits on speederbikes. He’s about to have his bikes raced later in the afternoon to try and win some credits. Now that Zebdar is here he tries to persuade her to drive one of the bikes. Zebdar agrees and Tomoar speaks up to say he could drive too. Moshem is ecstatic and resigns his old drivers to work as his pit crew. The group takes a moment fine-tuning the bikes to fit each of the drivers better and to make last-minute adjustments. Once all the racers are ready they begin to line up, and about a dozen bikes float into position along the starting mark. There are three pairs who are racing as a team, Zebdar and Tomoar being one of them. There is also the sister pair, daughters of the most successful local farmer, who are rugged adrenaline seekers. The other pair are Rodians. who are traveling with a small number of clansmen, taking a moment to refuel at the station before they move on for more deep space salvaging. The remaining racers are either local youth or restless travelers. When everyone is in position the signaler gives a flourishing movement that signals the race has started.

The speeders zip off through the rugged terrain, their engines screaming off into the horizon. Drivers push their bikes as hard as they can go, breaking and accelerating, turning and drifting. The racers are fighting for position when two of the riders crash into each other, a third loses control while trying to avoid their wreck. Tomoar and Zebdar are amongst the early leaders along with the Rodian team and one of the sisters. Drydek, who isn’t racing or helping in the pits, is mingling amongst the spectators. He comes across a local simpleton and cons him with a quick bet, taking his credits and moving on. Drydek surveys the crowd looking for the most wealthy of them. He eyes a heavy set human wearing exotic furs, and armed with an expensive and well maintained hunting rifle. Drydek introduces himself to the big-game hunter and learns that his name is Skando. The two enjoy the races for a moment before Drydek asks Skando if he would like to make a large bet, putting their starships on the table. Scandal raises an eyebrow and asks what type of ship that the Bothan pilots and Drydek says that it’s a Modius GA-29. Skando is impressed and mentions that GA-29’s are rare, fine ships. Skando seems reluctant to take the bet at first but eventually agrees. However Skando wants to place his bet on the Wookiee and stipulates that Drydek only wins if the Zabrak finishes first, if any other driver is to win all bets are off. Drydek shakes hands with Skando agreeing to the bet then asks the round man if he would like a drink. Skando says he would enjoy a large tall ale and Drydek turns around to fetch the beverage. When Skando is out of earreach of Drydek the Bothan puts is face near his com-link and tells Tomoar to loose the race. During the final lap Tomoar fakes a vehicle malfunction. Driving his speederbike erratically the Wookie takes out the Rodain team by causing them to have to break to avoid a collision. This left Zebdar in the lead with one driver to beat and the two contenders battled back and forth, each trying to take the lead from the other. As the racers closed in on the finish line, Drydek’s fur begins to change in hue with nervous anticipation. The two blazing speederbikes zoom past the marker and it is Zebdar who is declared the winner. Skando lets out a curse and Drydek shouts a cheer, the proud new owner of a modified Y-Wing. Zebdar collects the five hundred credits for winning the race. Most who witnessed the race agreed that it was the best race yet on Caral. Even Skando was a good sport about loosing and asked Drydek for a ride to his next system. The only ones who seemed to be upset where the Rodians who seemed to feel cheated. They would have voiced their concern but picking a fight with a Wookiee and his well armored bounty hunter companion was probably a poor idea.

Tomoar's Story


Cut-Away: Tomoar’s Excile

SUMMARY It was a special hunt that only happens once every every fifteen years when the Draxys population reached critical numbers and the Wookiees must cull them. The Draxys are a wild feline like creature, that grew to about one and a half meters long. They possess the ability to glide from tree to tree using furry parachute-like membranes that stretch from it’s wrist to it’s ankles.

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Tomoar hunted with his closest friends Sirrybyl and Maroobuck. Tomoar’s brother Karrrl was also hunting with his own pack of friends nearby and Tomoar was eager to outdo him. Sirrybyl skulked within the trees and struck out at passing prey. Tomoar stumbled upon a hive of Draxys and a dozen of the creatures burst forth from the overgrowth, weaving left and right as they tried to quickly escape him. Maroobuck leaps from high above off a tall tree reaching out with both arms grabbing at Draxys as he passes them falling towards the forest floor. Tomoar notices that his dropping friend won’t be able to catch himself in time before he hits the surface. Bracing himself onto two sturdy tree branches, Tomoar launches himself forward, timing his job to intersect and catch Maroobuck and finally land in the opposite tree. While the two Wookiees laugh about this encounter Sirrybyl strikes out with her trusty dagger catching a Draxys in its throat.


The hunting was going extremely well until the three came across what appeared to be a fallen Wookiee. It was one of Karrrl’s close friends and he was dead and lifeless upon closer inspection. Tomoar notices strange puncture marks on the dead Wookiee’s neck and black poison seeps from the wound. The three searched the immediate area to try to find what poisoned the Wookiee. They fallow the dead Wookies tracks which led them to several other tracks. Those tracks led to the discovery of a cave entrance that was part of large ancient monument complex overgrown with vegetation during the mists of time.


The group doesn’t get too far into the cave before they find another dead Wookiee again a friend of Karrrl’s and again is appeared to have been killed in the same manner, some sort of poison punctured through his skin. They explore deeper into the complex when they notice that some of the hallways have a luminous lights running along the edges. Following these lights they come to a huge open chamber, with strange patterns etched along the walls. These patterns glow the same way in which the lights in the hallways had and the three Wookiees begin to feel uneasy in this eery alien environment. Eventually they notice a fallen Wookiee at the steps of elaborate altar. At the top of the steps floating upright a few centimeters off the center platform is a large two-handed black sword with strange blue glowing rumors along its broad blade. Tomoar begins to run forward, once he realizes that the fallen Wookiee is his brother. Tomoar takes too giant strides before he noticed that there were three small spherical droids hovering in the room. The droids buzz around the room and began shooting small little black darts at the three Wookies. Tomoar smashes one with his sword and it sparks and cracks as it split in half. Maroobuck catches one in his fists as it buzzes through the air then hurls it against the wall and countless jagged pieces bounce across the room. The final droid however is able to pierce Tomoar’s flesh with its vile poisoned dart. In a fit of rage Tomoar’s smashes the standing droid between his giant left and right palms and sparks from burnt circuitry falls where he stands. The trio checks on the status of Karrrl’s slumped over body and find that he barely clings to life. Tomoar sees the hovering sword and besides to reach out and grab it. The blade is warm in his palm and as the sword is removed from where it hangs the lights in the Temple cease in the room goes dark.

The group grabs the fallen Wookiee and begin to make their way out of the Temple. When they reach the exit they are greeted by the long snout of a Kubaz dressed in a dark cloak. With the stranger is a humanoid shaped protocol droid and several more of the sphere shaped floating droids. The droid translates for it’s Kubaz master and he insists that he has the proper forms to excavate the site and that the darts were meant for hostile animals which might prey upon them. He explains that at his ship he has the medicine needed to heal the sick. However he will only offer his aid if the is given the sword he seeks. Tomoar reluctantly agrees as he fights the urge to pass out from his infection. When they get to the starship the Kubaz steps inside and returns with a case of injector-tubes. The Kubaz insists that the Wookies are only in a comatose state and that once the medicine is delivered into their system they will be revived. Maroobuck and Sirrybyl immediately point their weapons at the intruders and the Kubaz makes a swift single with his hand. He’s ships guns are brought to bare on the Wookies. Tomoar hands the sword over and takes the case, fumbling with an injector as the Kubaz steps into his ship and raises the ramp. The starship lifts off as Tomoar injects himself with the medicine and intermediately passes out.

When Tamoar awakens he is in the den of the tribes medicine woman and the thick smell of strange and pungent incense lingers in the air. He is told that his brother did not make it and the medicine they are given had no effect on any of the Wookiees. Tomoar had been unconscious for a week and the medicine woman used all her skills to treat his injuries and remove the poison in his system. This came at a price for Tomoar as he will be forced to take special herbs for the rest of his life or the sickness will return and he may die. When the tribe leader found out about the loss of the sword and the death of the Wookiees, Tomoar was sent into exile. Tomoar now seeks to retrieve the stolen relic and restore his honor with is tribe. Tomoar latter found out that the Kubaz behind this was Shiv.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


The Crawl
Cut-Away: Placing a Bounty


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to do

  • Group plots with Oda on what details to share with Duke Dee’Rant
  • Group presents finds to the Duke and gain his favor
  • Group smuggles themselves aboard Dee’Rants droid shipment bound for Tatooine
  • Group is disguised as pit fighters and a manager
  • Group gains entrance into main lobby
  • Group rejects droid escort and the pit boss arrives
  • Group has R5-01 check for droid info independently
  • Group sets up a private exhibition match with the pit fighters in Tabba’s court
  • R5 finds data terminal with the plans but is interrupted by technicians and must hide
  • Group enter Tubba’s chambers and try and deceive him while organizing a plan
  • Group fools Tubba and play their roles. Drydek and Zebdar both trigger force powers.
  • Group’s rues is discovered and Tubba activates an alarm. Zebdar spots Electrolier above Tubba
  • Group kills Tubba when Tomoar shoots down the hanging mass above Tubba
  • R5 gets access to terminals when techs leave to investigate alarms.
  • R5 finds droid data and clues to even more information.
  • Group roundevouse with R5 and Zebdar guides the group out.
  • The smuggler’s flies the group off the planet.
Dukes and Liars


The Crawl
Cut-Away: Shadow on the Sun


Characters of Interest


Items of Interest


The Twi’leks of New Kusa continue to celebrate the disposal of the developers who have been persecuting them. They plan to party for at least a week. They have little to offer by way of reward, though they allow Drydek, Tomoar, and Zebdar to make free use of their facilities (such as they are). The ever vigilant Tomoar stands like a towering statue and silently observes the scene as Zebdar drinks hard into the twilight. Drydek carouses with a particularity vocal reveler and obtains greater detail about O’Brin Dor and how his operation works. In the morning O’Brin Dor is extremely grateful for all the help they have provided and sends a message to Nyn in Nabat telling her all about the heroic actions of the new comers. The journey back to Nabat is uneventful and O’Brin accompanies them once more, advising them to visit Nyn to debrief her before continuing on their way.

The Nabat spaceport seems particularly busy today. As Zebdar guide the speeder through the city gates, they can see a great crowd milling about the landing pad. It seems that a number of craft, freighters of all sizes, have arrived today. Trolleys and droids bearing trade goods from worlds all around the Outer Rim push their way through the crowd. Humans, Twi’leks, Bothans, Trandoshans, and Aqualish are among the myriad species negotiating deals with buyers and spaceport staff.

O’Brin Dor sees to it that the speeder is parked and then leads everyone back down to the room in the subterranean area of the city. Once again, whispered Twi’lekan code words are exchanged and the door is opened. Nyn is clearly pleased to see them; she grins warmly and spreads her arms wide. “Thank you so much,” she says. “Our friends in New Kusa have much to thank you for. We must talk more about what happened, but first I have someone I want you to meet.” She gestures toward one of the couches to the side of the room, occupied by a rather short and stout Bothan. He regards them with wide, intelligent eyes and nods a curt greeting. “This is Oda,” says Nyn, “and he has some news that might be of concern to you.”


The Bothan clears his throat. “*Nyn* has told me a good deal about you, and I have a project underway that could make use of a group as resourceful as yourselves. However, before we get down to negotiations, I feel I ought to make you aware of this.” The Bothan pulls out a small holographic projector and switches it on. “This communication is keyed to an encrypted frequency used by some of the bounty hunters who work the Outer Rim.” He switches the projector on and it displays a series of scrolling images. The crew can make out the streets of Mos Shuuta, their ship, and their faces.

An accompanying text scrolls by, giving the following message in Gand, Rodian, Trandoshan, and Basic: “Wanted: 50,000 credits reward. If you have information, contact Tubba in Mos Shuuta, Tatooine.” Oda allows this news to sink in. “If this situation continues, you could have very dangerous people hunting you”

He has a proposition. The job he has in mind for them will bring them into contact with those who are currently engaged in a deal with Tubba. If the crew negotiate well with them, they could provide an opportunity to strike at the Hutt from the heart of his own palace. He notes that there is some risk, but the trio will have a better chance following his plans than they’ll have once these bounty hunters catch up to them. Finishing he says “I will, of course, also see to it that there is an rewarded for killing or compromising Tubba the Hutt. He should have the credits on hand to pay his hunters, and I will make sure any such money passes on to the victor.”

Oda lays out the details, “I have been invited to a private function to be hosted by a Geonosian duke, Duke Pantis. I am not expected to turn up myself, of course, but the duke will expect a few guests to appear as representative of my interests. This duke recently planned to do some deals with Tubba, then changed his mind. As it happens, this duke has a rival, Duke Dee’Rant, who is due to deliver some goods to Tubba in a few days. If Dee’Rant knew what made Pantis change his mind, he might agree to help us.“Is that understood? I realize it is a little complex. We are to find out from one Geonosian what caused him to turn from Tubba in order to convince another Geonosian currently working with Tubba to help us instead.”

Oda need to make some more arrangements, but he will be back in a few hours to see the team taken to Geonosis. He requests that they come up with a detailed cover story of why you might be invited to a party held by a Geonosian duke. He thinks that Oda is an arms dealer, so he’ll expect the infiltrators to want to buy weapons from him – that will do for the duke, but they’ll need yet another cover story for the rest of the guests.

Drydek, Tomoar, and Zebdar are eager to strike back at Tubba and decide that Drydek will play the role of a diplomat while Tomoar and Zebdar will be his personal body guards. O’Brin Dor states that he has a luxuriant suit that he will gift to the Drydek and provides him a tailor to make the proper alterations. Nyn states that her team could use as many weapons as they can get their hands on. The group receives three thousand credits with the intent to buy arms for Nyn’s team and to help authenticate the infiltrators role. Shortly after Drydek is outfitted Oda returns and begins,_ “I have finalized arrangements. The party is due to start in twelve hours, more than enough time for you to make a hyperspace trip from Ryloth to Geonosis. This communicator,” the Bothan holds up a small electronic device, “provides the encrypted signal that will allow you through the Geonosian security cordon.”_

He explains that the team is to make their way to the landing pad of Gogum Hive, a small city to the north of the planet. The Geonosians there will look after their ship and escort them to the party. The next morning, they should fly to Trellik Hive, due west from Gogum Hive. This is the home of Duke Dee’Rant. Once they are there, they should use the communicator to contact him so they can plan their next move. Drydek takes charge of the device and stows it into his pocket.


When the team board the Ardent Drake at the Nabat spaceport, they find that it has been fully repaired and refueled as well as thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. R5-01 points to the items he had saved from disposal and the group evaluates the pieces. Of note are several pieces of brown chitinous shell, one of which is marked with curious designs. Tomoar extrapolates that the pieces of chitin are from some sort of intelligent insectile species.* R5* is able to slice the computer terminal Tomoar ripped out of Anno’s den. The droid finds two message entrees.

The journey from Ryloth to Geonosis is peaceful, proceeding exactly as Oda describes. The Geonosians at Gogum Hive are expecting people such as the trio to arrive for the party, and are happy to escort them to the venue. The only thing they stipulate is that offensive weapons are left on board their ship. They may take pistols to the party, but larger weapons will have to be left behind. The duke’s party is an exclusive affair. Ostensibly, he is showing off his new cantina, a lavish but somewhat cramped chamber dug out of the Geonosian rock, intended to draw off-world spacers and their business to the hive.

The doors to the bar are guarded by a pair of hulking soldier drones armed with Geonosian Blaster Rifles. Drydek and his acting bodyguards enter the cantina, through the saloon style doors flanked by a pair of the biggest Geonosian soldiers they have ever seen. The soldiers heft the largest wide-bore blaster rifles that they have ever seen too, clearly of some improved Geonosian design. Duke Pantis has employed the guards partly for intimidation, but also partly as a sales pitch – their guns are very impressive. Inside, the décor is something of a surprise after the rough rocky walls of the hive at large. Clearly, someone has designed the cantina in order to appeal to a cosmopolitan clientele. From the cantina stage, an upbeat band has been commissioned to provide some entertainment. The band consists of a lanky Bith on mysterious horn, and a blue-skinned Twi’lek banging out a mean but subtle percussion undertones. A pallid and exotically dressed Twi’lek girl with stunningly long lekku intones sultry vocals over the frenetic melodies.


A couple of Geonosian workers man the cantina bar, and a Roche J9 Duke Dee’Rant’s protocol droid is stationed nearby. An old Geonosian with a number of golden bangles and pieces of gilded armor stands close to the bar speaking to an elegantly dressed human woman. Not far from them is a table occupied by a young human man and woman, clinking their glasses and laughing. A Gand in dusty and tattered robes sits by himself in the corner of the room and a young Sullustan male sips his drink and watches the band, occasionally glancing over his shoulder at the final guest, a Toydarian who flutters nearby. Three small private rooms line the wall to your right, clearly set aside for guests who wish to talk without fear of eavesdroppers.

Drydek approaches and introduces the group to a slender human woman with coldly sophisticated airs. She wears a close fitting suit of black leather and accessorizes with a flowing, brightly colored headscarf worn in the fashion of wealthy Coreworlders. The woman introduces herself as Saru Atar then states, “Such a fascinating society the Geonosians have made for themselves here.“ She asks if they had managed to catch any of the ritual combats during their visit. Tomoar acknowledges he only know about their practice from his days as a gladiator but has not seen it in person. Saru seems to take to the three the more she engages in conversation with Drydek. It becomes evident that she finds aliens fascinating. Eventually Drydek and Saru develop a strong rapport and she reveals to be working with the Black Sun. Drydek uncovers that after the latest assassination the Black Sun has a new newly appointed leader named Teskat. When asked about Tubba a worried expression crosses Saru Atar’s face. Captain_Juno.jpg “Yes, I do know of him and I’m afraid he may be the cause of no small consternation if he’s left to his own devices for much longer. I can’t prove anything, you understand, but people in my network know about these things. There have been a series of strange thefts and unlikely prices paid for apparently worthless items at auction. They have all been traced back to Tatooine. The items stolen or bought all relate in some way to some designs of Baktoid Combat Automata, old B1 battle droids. Whoever is behind this might be planning on making his own. You must excuse me while I speak with the Duke in private.”

Saru and the Duke move to a private booth to discuss their business. The infiltrators decide to engage the Toydarian who’s hovering about the bar treating this party like an actual party. “Great party, eh? These bugs have learned a lot about entertaining us mammals since the Clone Wars. Good wine. Good music. I could almost believe I was home in a Mos Eisley cantina, eh? Call me Kanatta.” A typically shifty member of the Toydarian species with light blue skin. Friendly, if a little coarse and over-familiar. Drydek greets Kanatta and the fluttering creature responds, “I just love a good party, eh?”

Kanatta seems to take to Drydek, Tomoar, and Zebdar and the four share rounds of drinks while chatting. It was about half way through their first round when Konatta let’s it be known that he is a seller of information. He hopes to impress his most regular customer, Han Solo who works for Melakan the Hutt, with any gossip he picks up at the party. Konatta hopes to gain enough favor with Melakan so that he may work directly with the Hutt. “Tubba? Sure, I’m from Tatooine. Everybody knows Tubba.” Konatta remarks. When the trio start to mention more controversial subject, Konatta adopts a more serious tone. “Why don’t we just go sit in one of the private rooms for a moment, eh?” he says.
Once in a private area, Konatta becomes curt and businesslike. When asked a question, he either bluntly admits his ignorance or makes some sort of offer. Drydek asks, _“What’s Tubba’s relationship With Melakan?” Kontanna responds “That’s some insider information, and it isn’t free. 60 credits and you didn’t hear it from me.” The group tries to negotiate on the pricing. Konatta eyes the group and says he likes them so he’ll give them a package price on two bits of information regarding Tubba. Tomoar pays Konatta’s rate and the Toydarian continues with,
“Yes, Tubba has a Kubaz spy. He’s called Shiv and he most likely killed Pantis’ drone Sada. Tubba saw to it that Sada was killed in a highly exclusive gladiatorial bout; just him and his closest cronies were spectating. As the bout was finishing, Tubba allowed his Kubaz spy, Shiv, to enter the ring and deliver the killing blow to Sada. It had been a long held ambition of Shiv’s to kill a Geonosian.” Konatta follows with “*Tubba’s* from a minor branch of *Melakan*’s own clan. He’s supposed to be a dutiful junior Hutt, doing what he’s told and kicking his percentage up the chain. But word is he’s ambitious. Maybe too ambitious, eh? Maybe if Melakan got some information that Tubba was going to move against him, he’d smack the upstart down. For the good of the clan.” Konatta suggest to the team that if they can funnel him some incriminating information about Tubba, he can give the information to Melakan. He would pay them well for such details. When the group tries to squeeze more information on the cheap from Konatta they start to try his patients. “He respondes we’re professionals hear and I’ve already given you my best prices what more do you want from me?” The group decides to let the Toydarian resume his partying and they decide to speak with other members at the party.

Drydek, Tomoar, and Zebdar approach the sullustan who is sitting alone at a table watching the band perform. The sullustan gives Tomoar a look that is half awe and half pity before snapping his gaze back into his drink when noticed. Drydek introduces the group and the sullustan responds, “I’m pleased to meet you my name is Mian Nanb, but if you don’t mind, I’m trying to enjoy the music. Perhaps we can talk once the band wraps up.”

After a few moments of watching the band perform Drydek begins to socialize with Mian learning that he claims to be a tourist from Sullust who has always wished to see the rings of Geonosis. Having been here a week now, Mian has seen his fill and is keen to go home. A friend of a friend introduced him to Duke Pantis, and they bonded over a shared appreciation of music, hence his invitation to the party. Mian Nanb remains introverted, not speaking unless spoken to. He seems determined to remain sober and does not accept drinks when offered. It isn’t until the conversation turns to galactic politics that Drydek notices Mian becomes momentarily inflamed when the subject of the Empire is breached. Drydek presses Mian on the known cruelties of Her Majesty’s Galactic Empire triggering a tirade from Mian on the plight of the Wookies and other enslaved species at which point Mian lets slip that he has joined the rebellion. Immediately Mian shuts down fully aware of his enormous lack of judgement. The group assures Mian that his secret is safe and that they have no love for the Empire. Mian relaxes somewhat as Drydek shifts the conversation about Tubba. Miam claims that the Hutt is known to him by reputation. Apparently Mian Nanb had some friends who were performing a smuggling operation on Tatooine that “went against the best interests of the Empire.” They were caught in the act and ended up shipped off to Kessel. Mian Nanb is sure that Tubba informed on his friends and that the Hutt is friendly with the Empire. The group wraps up their conversation with Mian.


to do

  • Duke Pantis – Drydek charmed info on Tubba and , purchased a arms for Nyn
  • Raxx’zz (Gand) – Zebdar got the drop on him. Team setups ambush. They fight, tomoar subdues the Gand. Interrogation and gand owes the group a favor for his life.

Duke Pantis’ Party

About Geonosians

Returning the Favor


The Crawl


Characters of Interest

Items of Interest


Drydek Bel’Ram, Tomoar, and Zebdar find themselves in the company of militant Twi’liks loyal to O’Brin Dor. The Twi’leks are providing shelter and are running maintenance and refueling efforts on the team’s ship. The leader of the group is Nyn Ria, a soft-spoken female Twi’lek with blue-hued skin and an air of languid grace. She invites the crew to rest in the room while she talks to O’brin Dor about his ordeal. The crew is provided with food and drink.


After a hurried conversation between the two Twi’leks, Nyn approaches the group.

“We are deeply indebted to you for the rescue of our friend. While we have little we can offer you, O’Brin Dor suggested that perhaps you would like to partake in a little business venture once we get our mining operations under control once more. He leads me to believe that you have some troubles with the same Hutt boss we suspect of being behind much of our present woes.”

Nyn listens sympathetically to the tails of the group and when she hears the name Tubba. She promises that her people are willing to help bring retribution to the Hutt once they settle matters on Ryloth. She continues:


“I would ask one more favor of you for now. Call it the price for the safe keeping and repair of your ship. The miners who worked alongside O’Brin in New Kusa are coming under increasing pressure from the thugs who own the land nearby, be they part of this Hutt’s meddling or not. Having O’Brin returned to them as quickly as possible would boost morale and enable us to decide on further action. We could provide you with a speeder with space for O’Brin and the rest of you. Rest here for the night, but if you could set off in the morning it would be of great assistance to us.”

Gracefully Drydek negotiates with Nyn on the worth of the groups skills and safety. She is moved by the bothan’s words and offers more compensation. Nyn gives Tomoar a vibrosword, and Drydek receives padded armor, as well as each member is given a frag grenade.

Early in the morning Nyn leads them and O’Brin Dor down a narrow service tunnel which takes them under and beyond the walls of the city. A land speeder has been parked there, its navigational computer programmed to take them straight to the ryll mines.

They have been speeding above the surface of the Ryloth badlands for a few hours, following the directions that should take them to the ryll mine. As they travel further from the spaceport, the terrain becomes increasingly hazardous, piles of loose rocks and jutting stone spurs litter the ground. Zebdar guns the throttle and expertly dodges a large fallen bolder. Feeling cocky Zebdar pushes the craft past it’s limit and misjudges a turn and drives the speeder’s nose into the ground. Zebdar finds her self bucked from the transport. Picking herself off the ground she see’s that O’Brin and Drydek shared her fate and that only Tomoar was able to remain in the vehicle which he manages to bring to a halt. Zebdar and Drydek tend to O’Brin and no one is seriously injured in the mishap.

Upon closer inspection the group notices that the large debris scattered about looks staged and calculatedly placed. Tracking the boulders’ trails they survery the cliffs. While Tomoar uses his Electrobinoculars something at the base of the rocky bluff catches his view. A pile of loose rocks partially obscures a dark passageway, the entrance to a cave in the bluff. A large round insect-like head appears for a split second before quickly ducking back. They also see two humans in the bluff and one of the humans raises his head and calls out the following warning:

“Halt! Stay where you are and drop your weapons! We are agents of the local Imperial authorities and you are suspected of ryll smuggling. I repeat: stay where you are and drop your weapons!”

The party doesn’t believe his words for a second. When they are closer to the strangers the party immediately identifies the three as Tubba the Hutt’s personal bounty hunters the Gand called Noota Yar, and the two humans Rando and Worb. Zebdar doesn’t hesitate as she trains her rifle on the hunters and advises the group to “Take them down!”.

The two groups exchange blaster fire and Tomoar notices the hunters are using the stun settings on their blasters. The gand and Worb take the bulk of the party’s initial attacks. Noota Yar places a well aimed shot on Zebdar delivering a devastating blow. Zebdar is at the brink and needs it all her strength to continue fighting. Tomoar rushes up the bluff and smashes Rando in the face with the hilt of the wookie’s blaster. Rando pulls out his knife and tries to stab Tomoar but losses his footing falling to the ground. Drydek and Zebdar considerate their fire and take down Worb while Tomoar pounds Rando out of existence. The fight is finished when Tomoar uses his mighty strength to knock out Noota Yar.

Drydek suggest tracking down the bounty hunters’ speeder as the team searches their foe’s personal gear. A well maintained blaster rifle and a heavy blaster pistol where taken. After following a long cave to its exit they find the hunter’s vehicle parked below and begin to search it. An emergency medpack is retrieved before the party journeys back to their speeder where an unconscious and bound Gand is stowed. They finally reach New Kusa after minor repairs are preformed to their crashed speeder.


New Kusa looks set to redefine the word “hardscrabble.” The settlement is little more than a shanty town nestled into the base of the cliffs that tower above it. A great pile of soil and rock has been raised up by machines and piled around the south side of the settlement.

A few of the buildings look to be permanent (if ramshackle) structures, though most of the residents seem to make their home in tents. Zebdar guides the speeder through its dirt track streets, weaving to avoid piles of detritus and vapor condensers. This place wouldn’t even support a cantina. No one seems eager to greet the group on arrival, though the frightened faces of Twi’leks peer out from behind the canvas flaps of their rude dwellings.

The residents of New Kusa are cautious and suspicious at first. However, once O’Brin Dor is spotted, the atmosphere changes quickly. “O’Brin Dor! O’Brin Dor is back!” and similar cries are raised throughout the town. Soon the residents of New Kusa, twenty adult Twi’leks and a handful of their children, gather about the speeder. They gleefully hail the return of their leader (though some of them regard his maimed lekku with looks of pain and despair).

O’Brin explains to the residents about the help the outsiders have provided to him, and the townsfolk are quick to hail them as heroes. Zebdar is taken to the towns doctor to treat her wounds while Drydek and Tomoar are provided with a quite place to safely interrogated the captured Gand with out interruption. Noota Yar submits to the bothan manipulator aided by the raging wookie and gives-up everything he has on Tubba’s. The bounty hunters where sent to capture the group and return them to the hutt to pay for their transgressions in person. Tomoar ends the hunter’s life once he has nothing more to tell him.

Zebdar meanwhile sees first hand how desperate the struggle is for the people of this mining town. As she treats Zebdar’s injuries the local doctor Limell details the towns struggles with previous crime lords and now the brute Anno Plore. Zebdar makes it her mission to deal with the thugs harassing the town folk and forms a plan to strike fast, hard, and now!


As the group makes plans to strike at the Anno’s stronghold a small group of Twi’lek miners gather sharp tools and large rocks arming themselves wanting to aid the outsiders. Drydek sees several opportunities these volunteers could offer in this attack, either as simple combatants or in diversionary and misdirection tactics. Drydek begins to address the gathering crowd and delivers a moving monuments speech that gives both hope to the miners and rouses the fighting spirit within. Nine of the best fighters the miner’s have joins the crew for the assault on Anno’s hideout. The small army decides to sneak along the side of the facility to make a surprise attack.

Zebdar leads the group unnoticed to Anno’s hideout. The Plore settlement consists of a parking bay for his fleet of five large, tracked construction vehicles. An ugly gray prefabricated apartment where he and his men live has been erected to one side of the vehicle parking bay. There is also a fairly nice cantina. When Drydek peers through the cantina’s windows he discovers that the hired thugs are having a raucous party. Anno Plore is little more than a thug himself, a heavy set and squat man with an angry red face and a shock of fluffy dark hair. The group takes positions and ready themselves to strike at Tubba’s enforcers.

Anno and his ‘gallant’ men are caught completely off-guard. Three of their ranks are cut down before they are able to aim their weapon on the freedom fighters. Chaos erupts inside as combatants form a brawling mob of fists and kicks. The room changes colors as various blaster bolts streak back and forth. Anno falls to the ground lifeless as the final blast from Drydek’s constant barrage takes it’s mark. Anno was never able to see his slayer’s concealed location. Tomoar has a group of miners throwing large scarps of debris at the hired brutes which causes chaos and confusion within their ranks. Every shot Zebdar takes and every punch Tomoar throws lays a foe to the floor until one begging sod is held by the throat in a wookies clenching hand. That one was questioned then his fate was left to the hands of the families of the two Twi’lek miners that died in this fighting.

The team finds a key on Anno and use it on the safe in his offices taking all it’s content. The Wookie rips Anno’s computer terminal from it’s mounting and the others grab cases of the best liquor from the well stocked bar before the place is overrun by the looting fighting miners who where joined by the rest of the town.

Tubba’s Ryloth Enforcers



The Cleanup Crew



Characters of Interest

Items of Interest


The party’s sturdy but under-maintained and freshly swiped transport drops out of it’s current hyperdrive course. The drifting ship’s power shuts down then quickly starts again followed by the computers resetting. The second the computers are back online an alarm sounds loudly and repeatedly and heard underneath that is the sound of grunting, snarling, yelling, and shouting are combined and piped through the loudspeaker. All the displayed screens flash a cycling list of errors and notifications. The ship had been traveling for only a few minutes and the crew was struggling with the horrible smell before this latest complication.

Drydek quickly addresses one of the terminal message, the one with a universal sign for ‘low on fuel’ and turns it off which stops the sirens, but the grunting is still loud. The crew leaves the astromech droid at the helm to work the computer and they set off to deal with the smell. Some of the stench emits from the galley that is in disarray, raw meats and spoiling food layabout haphazardly. They follow a more distinct and fouler scent to one of the ship’s holds.

The odor from number three hold almost makes Tomoar wretch which the other crew members choose to ignore witnessing. This hold houses some of the equipment used by bounty hunters for the restraint and transportation of captives. Several sets of binders hang from the walls, and there are six small cylindrical cell units mounted on tracks for ease of transport. Five of these units are empty, though one contains the crouched and cramped form of a male Twi’lek. The captive appears old and frail, with pale blue skin and a single long, thin lekku coiling from the right side of his head. Where the left lekku would be is an ugly cauterized stump. At the sound of your approach he raises his head in alarm, but his expression becomes one of curiosity when he sees who you are. When the the party tends to the Twi’lek he is extremely relieved and tells them his name is O’Brin Dor and when asked to explain himself he says.


“Well, I’ll try to keep my long story short. For some time now the rulers of Ryloth have been, in my opinion, remiss about who they allow in on the planet’s Ryll mining industry, which you must understand is only barely legitimate in these days of Imperial dominance. For some time, bands of Aqualish thugs terrorized mining communities, forcing Twi’leks to work for scant reward and extorting all sorts of favors and resources from mines that might otherwise have prospered. I banded together with some associates in order to protect New Kusa, our most profitable mine, from the thugs. For a while we held them off."

“Then they simply disappeared. We were relieved at first, but soon learned that they had been killed in the process of some underworld take-over. Shortly after that, bands of outsiders began to purchase land near the mines. They claimed they were developing it, though we could tell they were there merely to spy on us and make life difficult. A short while later, during a journey to Nabat, I was attacked by a band of rogues, including the Trandoshan who maimed and branded me before sealing me up in this cell.”

To help with the negative scent O’Brin helps clean the galley, there Drydek uses his social expertise against O’Brin to keep him passive and begins to pry the truth of him. O’Brin explains how he was captured and tortured at the hands of a Trandoshan named Biter then transferred to the care of the Gamorrean clan matron called The Green Bitch. For untold days he has been in this cage on this ship and the one time he wasn’t he was in a torture cell. O’Brin begins to clam-up when he realizes he’s being pumped for information.

Zebdar and Tomoar find that their ship is installed with smuggling holds and in those secret compartments they discover the source of the smell. Three Wookiee hides that have been cured in an a most disgusting manner. Drydek comes up with the idea to launch the nauseating items out the airlock. Tomoar gives words for the desecrated fallen then O1 ejects the hides into the void.


At the helm the droid is able to turn-off the annoying commotion that’s been blaring, turns out to be Gamorrean Opera music. Drydek addresses another computer message that reads: “ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Captive militant O’Brin Dor still on board. RECOMMENDED RESPONSE: Return to Mos Shuuta and collect bounty immediately. LAST FED: 8 hours ago. LAST REFRESHED: 32 hours ago.”
With this new information Drydek is able to recall O’Brin Dor as a known leader of a “for Twi’lek by Twi’lek” workers movement on Ryloth.

R5-O1 bleeps for attention as he identifies an interesting computer alert which translates to: “Transponder operational. Receiving signal: Tubba, Mos Shuuta, Tatooine. Emitting coded response.”
A series of numbers then follows, to the effect that the response signal is being updated and emitted every five seconds. The party acts fast to deal with the device realizing the ship is being track. The droid isn’t able to remove the device due to it be installed externally and underneath the ships armor. The crew is able to have the droid alter the signal rate to eight hours instead of every five seconds.

O’Brin makes the group an offer. In exchange for his freedom and escort to Ryloth he promises to dock their craft and provide a temporary safe haven. O’Brin sweetens the deal by being able to provide fuel, and give assistance with the permanent removal of the tracking device. Unfortunately the Twi’lek’s organization will be short on actual credits for a proper reward. Unsure of O’Brin’s intentions the party has little choice but to reluctantly agree and sets course through hyperspace to Ryloth.


There is a flash of white light and the tone of the ship’s engines drops several octaves as they emerge from hyperspace. Below them lies the dusty baked strip of habitable Ryloth. As Zebdar adjusts the ship after a sloppy entry she works out the best way to descend to the Nabat spaceport, the slim silhouette of a starfighter bursts into view barely a kilometer from their position. It appears to have been waiting for the crew as they exited hyperspace. Tomoar has seen a craft with the same markings before. It belongs to a Kubaz the liar Shiv who often runs errands for Tubba the Hutt.

The enemy craft has the edge and quickly banks then begins cruising toward the party on an attack vector. The crew feels the shakes and groans as a blast bypasses the shields and damages a sizable chunk of the ships hull. Zebdar pushes the ship’s capabilities as she performs a maneuver aligning the ship for an all out attack by it’s two gunners. Tomoar howls in rage as he lets loose a heavy barrage of bolts that damages the attacker grievously. The assassin doesn’t have time to act as Drydek calmly places a well calculated shot and turns the fighter into flaming debris that smokes down towards the hostile atmosphere. The official kill score in this craft is Drydek 2, Tomoar 1 with 1 assist.

O’Brin is allowed to give the proper pass-codes to port control after which the ship and her crew land safely. O’Brin Dor sets arrangement to have the craft serviced when his partner Nyn Rai arrives and introduces herself. She is a soft-spoken female Twi’lek with buff-colored skin and an air of languid grace and escorts the group to her safe-house deeper in Nabat.

Nyn leads them from the surface deep under the ground, to a district of the city where individual residences are dug into the cavern walls. The narrow corridors are packed with various beings going about their business. Hundreds of Twi’leks throng the walkways and passages, but they are not the only citizens of Nabat. Swaggering creatures shoulder their way past while beeping droids scurry between shops and tunnel ways. Human traders hawk their wares from stalls set within niches to the side of the walls.


In the markets Drydek uncovers a merchant specializing in black market wares a Twi’lek Bevel Pax. Bevel is impressed with Drydek business edicate and how he operates, Bevel doesn’t get to rub shoulders with too many individuals with quality skills. Bevel offers to ally himself with Drydek as long as the partnership remains blanced. Drydek throws a few credits to get the name of Bevel’s supplier, a Twi’lek called Aari before Bevel spots something that makes him disappear into the streets.

Nyn leads them away from the busier thoroughfares and knocks on a large metal door. Twi’lekan code words are exchanged and after a moment they are shown into a spacious room filled with relaxing blue light and comfortable chairs.


The Bounty Hunter's Solution
1st Group game also 1st time using Edge of the Empire system.


SUMMARY On Tatooine in the small town of Mos Shuuta the double crossed Zabrak bounty hunter Zebdar rescues two renegades from the crime lord Tubba the Hutt’s base. Zebdar hatches a plan that involves her partnering with the outcast Wookiee Tomoar, and the ambitious and crafty Bothan Drydek Bel’Ram but first they must dispatch the gang of Gamorreans that are chasing them.

Characters of Interest

Items of Interest


The group gets the drop on the gang and ambush the Gamorreans at the local cantina and the brutes fall quickly. Drydek’s silver tongue and Tomoar’s cold hard cash convince the bartender to look the other way. The Devaronian bartender deems the credits sufficient enough look the other way and also has his staff clean up their encounter.

The group plans to help Zebdar get some personal payback and to help find a way off this rock before Tubba feeds them to one of his nasty pets. The group needs to steal Zebdar’s murdered partner’s ship back from the Green Bitch and then dispatch her. The Green Bitch is a brutal Gamorrean clan matron who is the 3rd highest captain for the criminal slaver and bushwhacking maniac Biter, Zebdar’s nemesis. They first decide to intercept a ship component that the Green Bitch has ordered from a junk dealer, this part is necessary for the hyperdrive to function. They then will masquerade as maintenance personnel to board Green Bitch’s vehicle and deal with her.

At the Junkyard the group meets the cranky human shopkeeper Tac Pell and his reluctant and abused astromech droid R5-O1. Drydek convinces Tac that they are here to pickup and deliver the part to the Green Bitch. However Tac demands more credits from the clan matron for her rudeness and Tac’s greed. Drydek agrees to pay Tac the ‘tip’ but at a lower amount requested and Zebdar coughs up the credits. Drydek asks to buy the R5 unit but is denied due to the fact it is Tac’s only functional droid and the sole laborer at the shop. However the astromech drops hints to Drydek that the R5 unit would follow the party if they would create a distraction. Drydek asks the mighty Wookiee for his assistance and Tomaor pushes over a parts rack. Furious Tac reprimands the customers and Drydek pretends to cool the situation as he keeps Tac’s eyes off the droid. R5 is able to remove his restraints, sneaks out, and happily follows his new crew. Drydek finds a moment to disguise himself as a technician and hide his identity before they head to the hangar bay.

On route the group quickly catch wind of storm troopers patrolling the streets who are most likely searching for the troublemakers. Seems that Tubba has called in a favor to Lieutenant Hendrickson an Imperial officer who dispatches a half dozen troopers to find the agitators. The group splits up and begins to travel amongst the pedestrians or down shady alleyways keeping one step ahead of the troopers. Zebdar cunningly leads the troopers to an unsuspected bothan shopper who immediately gets identified as one of the suspects and is integrated. Using this opportunity the group quickly makes it to the hangar and Drydek greats the guarding droids.


Drydek plays the role of the ‘speedy starship repairman’ so convincingly that the security droids quickly step aside. The droids are so certain that the Green Bitch is expecting them that they fail to notify their master that guests have arrived. The band boards the ship and quickly close the loading ramp behind them. The bathon and the astromech droid head to the engine room to install the part while the two heavies look for a fight. Zebdar sneaks in on the unsuspected Gamorrean who’s head is face deep in a disgusting lunch of raw meats and what best can be described as gross slop. Zebdar and Tomoar deliver a devastating alpha strike on the ugly warrioress who is left bewildered and reeling. Giving up on trying to fix the hyperdrive Drydek leaves the task to R5 and joins the fight. Drydek is able to distract the foe and sets up Tomoar to deliver the killing blow and thus ends the career of the Green Bitch as has her skull crushed into the deck plating. Zebdar is delighted and savors her revenge, she then quickly sneaks off-board to sabotage the holding clamps that are grounding the ship. Zebdar blows the hydraulics tanks forcing the clamps open but alarms sound as transport control is alerted to the tampering and the group scrambles to launch.

The astromech plots the quickest course out of the system into the hyperdrive computer when the escaping ship is engaged by fast moving tie-fighters sent by the officer Hendrickson to intercept. Zebdar expertly pilots the craft into perfect position for the gunners to make their attack run. The Wookiee and Bothan hail down blaster fire onto the fighters which are quickly overwhelmed. Shortly after the conflict settles the hyper-drive finishes it’s pre-flight tasks and activates. Through the view ports the star field begins to stretch and distort and ship accelerates into hyperspace and the group escapes from Mos Shutta.


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