Star Wars: The Ultimate Gamble

Riders in the Void

Zebdar and company prepare for a deep-space salvage mission that Silver arranged with a mysterious benefactor. This benefactor recently purchased coordinates from a deep space explorer who found a derelict ship that is supposedly The Bountiful Profit. Scans show that the ship has at least one hangar left relatively intact and that multiple cargo crates are still sealed and untouched. Silver’s group is to verify that the wreckage is in fact there, then board if possible extracting any valuable salvage, as well as provide all scanning records they take.


Silver negotiated the deal in her favor at 5000 credits for the mission. Half of which is provided to fund the trip the rest paid on return, an additional 25% profits for any extracted salvage and a bonus deal is in play as well. Reports show that a prototype remote processor may have last placed on this ship. If it can be found and returned, the party can keep the wreck and all salvage for themselves in exchange.

Moshem and Zebdar are keeping a low profile on board Silver’s ship Risky 7 using it’s computer to help plan their future moves. Silver returns from the supply depot having purchased the necessary gear for the expedition. This includes two additional space suits, one of which that can fit an Ewok, extra tool kits and plasma cutters, and a dim-witted EG-6 Power Droid. Once the ship has been packed they fire-up the engines and depart Caral. Moshem enters the destination into the hyperdrive computer and is able to deduce a more efficient route shortening the trip by a few hours. The journey takes twenty one hours as the team takes shifts piloting the starship. They pass by the time playing cards, exchanging stories and getting some shut-eye.

They pop out of hyperspace reaching their destination and the crew begins scanning the area. Initially the area seems devoid of any wreckage but Moshem is able to pin-down a large metallic signature. Using the superior scanning equipment on board Risky 7 the faint signals of two small scout ships are picked out. Moshem eavesdrops in on the unsuspecting vessels as the ships near the wreckage site.

Turns out The Green Bitch recently left Caral but not before roughing up an explorer and sending two of the Storm Hammer’s scout craft to validate the information. The pair are in a rush to find the wreck fearing what may happen if they return empty handed. They had been scanning for most of the day and where about to give up when they find The Bountiful Profit’s remains. They make plans to swoop in scan it down then get to Tatooine fast where the Gamorrean matriarch is waiting to hire a tow-craft so they can pull the whole damn thing off.


Zebdar persuades the group to hit the ships before they can report. She testifies that the pair are real scum and that they helped bushwack her friends. Moshem agrees with his boss and Silver says ‘Anything you say Zeta-Niner’ with a smirk. Cyandi already has the computer’s weapon controls pulled up as she adjusts her com-unit the says ‘Ready when you are’. Zebdar opens the attack by letting loose a missile that pulls ahead leaves a trail of smoke in it’s wake. Zebdar accelerates Risky 7 as if she and the missile are trying to race. One craft explodes as the other one veers off retreating. Moshem jams the lone ship preventing it from calling in backup. Cyandi’s cannons fire bolts that streak ever closer to fleeing craft’s glowing engines until the two connect and it breaks apart into the nothingness.

After the area has been secured the team realizes getting the ships in a asynchronous orbit and the airlock sleeve attached is easier said then done. Large husk of the forgotten vessel floats shattered around a larger mass. They quit trying the maneuver when the debris they’ve kick around starts a chain reaction as parts bouncing back and forth until a large section ends up damaging some of their ships hull. This activity causes the motion sensors of hibernating battle droids to periodically fire blaster bolts randomly into space. The team decides it’s time to suit up and head outside to push off onto the dead vehicles hull and work from their.

Silver will stay with his ship and run exterior scanning and give early warning if more ships arrive. The rest of the crew including the droid drift into space, their tool-cases hovering along with them, and approach the flattest section of plating. Working from there they cut into an exterior door creating an opening which they funnel into. Inside the ghost ship is pitch black except for the parties lights which casting moving shadows as they proceed. Everything has a thin layer of icy crystals and debris floats haphazardly. Getting around is difficult as they must push off walls or pull themselves around by grabbing exposed cabling. The Droid however has magnetized footing and attaches it’s self to the floor. At some point in the ship past it was on it’s side as wrecked battle droid and starfighter material collecting at one end of each hallway and room.

They enter a larger room that seems promising and Moshem finds that his scanner can read the content lists off the crates expediting the process. A handful of battle droids attack, drawn by the light and movement. The droids have an equally hard time in the zero gravity as they float around kicking their legs trying to walk. The party takes minimal damage before they finish with the droids. EG-6 is able to feed power to an intact console allowing the party to download a map and find their current location. The group makes for the hanger.


At the hanger droids emerges from the piles of junk and large fire fight commences. The Ewok and Droid try to get to the hanger’s main power interface and Zebdar and Cyandi try to draw the droids attention by destroying a few. Once the interface is safely reached EG-6 is able to power the hangar. Moshem uses a console to flips on the artificial gravity and turn on the lights as well as route power to the doors. Everything that was floating including droids silently crash to the ground. As the group works on mopping up the remaining droids larger battledroids, now able to move freely, aggressively march in attracted by the fighting. These tougher attack droids have heavier weapons and better armor. All the antiquated automatons are eventually overwhelmed and the party takes moderate damage.

Cyandi and Zebdar secure the rest of the accessible sections of ship. The large hangar doors are opened and Risky 7 is able to dock. With the threats eliminated and power restored the team is able to make quick work sorting through the mess. Filling their hold with the best parts and even managing to find the prototype processor they could end up with an impressive payday.

GM notes: my wife and I played all day running this mission and had a blast. It would be the last of our SAGA Edition games and we bid it a fond farewell.


A beautiful Zeltron woman pilots a fast-looking landspeeder. She drives closer to Zebdar and Moshem, who each keep a hand on their blasters but allow her to approach. The Zeltron’s landspeeder stops peacefully a few meters away. The driver steps out, she has her hands open and in sight. She walks towards you in a sultry manor. Like most Zeltron she is extremely attractive and flaunts it. With pursed lips and a mellow voice she states “Hi, I’m Cyandi. One of you sexy looking devils wouldn’t happen to be Zeta-Niner now would you?”


Zebdar ponders aloud " Zeta-Niner, That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time." finishing she says “Yeah, I’m her what of it?”

Zebdar plays out the events Exodus of Arstera before continuing on.

Turns out Silver is operating on Caral working with Cyandi trying to setup a job. While waiting at the cantina for their contact to arrive Silver eavesdrops in on a conversation a few young Fink members are boasting about. He hears about a Zabrak who has connections to Deena and Rashen being taken out to the Barrens to dig a hole. Silver has Cyandi scout out the area and set’s her off with the password while he continues waiting for thier contact. Silver cant afford to blow this job on a possibly false rumor. *Cyandi*picks up on Moshem’s jamming and came to investigate.

Once everyone feels like they can trust each other Zebdar brings the body and the speeder wreckage back to the dig site and buries all the dead in the grave meant for her. The group has a plan on how to sneak into the town center and avoid the Finks who could be patrolling. They attach some of the wreckage from the speeder bikes to Vareo’s speeder truck and give it the appearance of a salvager’s craft. Zebdar hides in Cyandi’s borrowed landspeeder which she charmed from some sap at One for the Road. Moshem will pilot the speeder truck using his current Jawa disguise playing scavenger.

Their plan works perfectly and everyone is able to get into town with out altercation. Moshem even drove by some Finks offering to sell them some speeder parts but they where to cool to notice him. The group hides the speeder truck in Silver’s docking bay garage. Cyandi leaves to return the borrowed speeder and Silver greats Zebdar who is glad his hunch paid off and that everyone is all in one piece. Silver offers Zebdar and Moshem some work. He wishes them to accompany himself and Cyandi on a deep-space salvaging mission. The job has the potential to be extremely lucrative and will get Zebdar off world for a while. They agree to help and terms are set. Plans are put in motion to be geared up and ready to set out in the morning. Cyandi returns and reports that the Finks at the cantina don’t seem to be aware there plans have went astray. They are spending all their personal credits on drinks when a reward won’t be coming their way after all.

Bury Her Alive

After the great betrayal by Biter, Zebdar seeks refuge on the outer rim planet Caral. Smuggling herself and Moshem aboard a livestock freighter called Ixitxachitl, she had hoped to meet with her business partners and trusted friends Deena and Rashen at the One for the Road cantina on Caral. The cantina was the predetermined location everyone had agreed to meet if things went to hell. Unbeknownst to Zebdar was that her two partners where slain and desecrated after which Biter seized all their capital.


After a couple of days of waiting two hired guns approached Zebdar. They introduce them selves as Vareo and Resher state that they have word from Zebdar’s friends and that they are to take her to them. They did use the proper code word when challenged. “fury whiskey chatter” may not have earned *Zebdar*’s trust but it left her no other choice but to follow them. En route someone hits Zebdar with a stun baton, rendering her unconscious.

The Hole in the Wastes (a descriptive narrative of events)

Zebdar is forced to dig her own grave while four thugs taunt and harass her. Moshem speaks over Zebdar’s build in helmet coms. Moshem had stowed away in the thug’s landspeeder and had now secretly jammed down the vehicles accelerator which crashes into the park speeder-bikes. Moshem then hides in the nearby hedgerow were the vehicle had been parked by. Wald and Tras fall prone diving out of the vehicles path. Vareo and Resher scan the scene and reach for their weapons. The distraction allows Zebdar to act. Zebdar steals Resher’s rifle and blasts him in the gut with it and he dies. Moshem snipes Tras who remains on the ground forever. Wald then tries to cut down Zebdar but fails and is then quickly defeat by Zebdar in turn. Vareo takes the only functional speeder and shoots off into the horizon. Zebdar and Moshem grab the land-speeder and start chasing. Moshem jams the speeder-bikes communication systems by broadcasting white-noise and all local bands. Zebdar’s superior driving allows her to gain the advantage and she rams into the bike pitching Vareo off who’s neck and spine are shattered from the violent high speed ejection.

As the two check to be certain Vareo is dead and to make sure no broadcasts for reinforcements went out they spot a new landspeeder approaching. The driver has an arm held out the window and appears to be trying to signal to them to hold their fire …


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