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  • Quests

    h4. Hero's Quest Duty |Type| Player| Magnitude| |[[Who Dares Wins | Rebel Intelligence Agent]]|Drydek|0| |[[Bring it Down | Rebel Sabotage]]|Tomoar|0| |[[Keep Your Eyes on the Prize|Rebel Resource Acquisition]]|Zebdar|0| |*Total Contribution …

  • Betrayal on Kashyyyk

    *Obligation Completed* *OBLIGATION:* BETRAYAL *MAGNITUDE:* -15- -10- -5- 0

    h4. Resolution *Active* * Get the [[Sword of Awaking|artifact back]] to the clan elders to prove it isn't the [[Rornan's Blade | Rornan's Blade]] and clear your …

  • Ancient Discoveries

    *OBLIGATION:* Discovery *MAGNITUDE:* 10

    *COMPLICATIONS:* * The [[Wonunnoki | Wonunnoki]] h4. Resolution *Completed* * Discovered connection to the [[Wonunnoki | Wonunnoki]] * Found the [[Scabbard of Shelter]] * Found [[Sword of …

  • Burning Down the House

    *MISSION:* Zebdar’s Obligation with [[The Shadowed Whisper | The Shadowed Whisper]] *Something important has come up! Contact [[:cryptic-9 | Cryptic-9]] immediately.* Unknown Planet (7-17)

  • Hexbreaker

    h4. Mission Success *Reward:* Mournblade transformed to Purifyre Sith Lightsaber Disruptor Pistols x 2 Mysterious Force Crystal Balanced Hilt EotE pg 188 *MISSION:* Zebdar's Obligation [[Mournblade | Mournblade]] *ACTION:* Discovery on [[ …

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