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  • Mos Shuuta

    Small town on Tatooine. Known Inhabitants [[Lieutenant Hendrickson|Lieutenant Hendrickson]] Imperial Officer [[Tubba the Hutt|Tubba the Hutt]] Boss of Mos Shuuta - Hutt crimelord [[Tac Pell|Tac Pell]] Junk shop owner [[:Mos Shuuta Streets|Mos …

  • Shiv

    h4. Shiv (Throen) A [[Kubaz | Kubaz]] spy for hire and smuggler of black market relics. Obsessively snacks on small insects. He hates insectile species in general and Geonosians in particular. Swindled [[Tomoar | Tomoar]] out of a priceless native …

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