Betrayal on Kashyyyk

Obligation Completed

MAGNITUDE: 15 10 5 0




  • Prevent Isshaddik’s rise – He was defeated and had obvious ties to the Empire. Tomoar cut both of Isshaddik’s hands while his cousin was on his last breath, then revived and stabilized the traitor so that he could live and answer his crimes before the council.
  • Find the location of the stolen sword
  • Captured Shiv and Koran
  • Reclaim the stolen sword


  • Tomoar recovers an ancient clan artifact Rornan’s Blade discovered in the Ruins found while hunting in the Shadowlands.
  • Tomoar trades the artifact to Shiv a Kubaz smuggler/spy in exchange for a antidote Tomoar and his brother Karrrl need in order to cure themselves.
  • Tomoar’s brothers dies after the cure turns out to be poison and proved useless.
  • Tomoar’s friend Sirrybyl was able to save his life but now Tomoar must take semi-regular doses of rare herbs found only in the Shadowlands. See also: Addiction
  • Isshaddik a rival Wookiee who seeks to usurp his way to ascension as clan leader besmirches Karrrl and misrepresents the incident regarding the artifact.
  • To protect Tomoar’s brother’s honor Tomoar takes full responsibility for the tragedy and is forced into exiled from Kashyyyk.

Betrayal on Kashyyyk

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