Defeated the traitors Wookiees and their leader Isshaddik who had both of his hands decapitated by Tomoar before saving the downed Wookiees life to be brought before the council.

Weapon Cost: -36,000 Credits (12,000 per player)
Hush Money Paid: -15,000 Credits (5,000 per player)

Plunder 5100 Credits (1700 each) and Deed to a Ruined Cantina([[?PLANET]]); 9,000 credits in trade resources

BONUS Rebel Cell installed 20 Duty per person


ACTION: Finale to Tomoar’s Betrayal Obligation Kashyyyk

  • PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: End the reign of the traitorous Wookiee Isshaddik, cousin of Tomoar, by defeating his forces on Kashyyyk.
  • SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Install a pro-Rebel Alliance cell within the tribes to help recruit new members and to aid in Wookiee liberation efforts against the Empire.

CLIENT: Tomoar

INSIDE INFORMATION: We have someone on the inside Maroobuck & Sirrybyl

Base: Tomoar can return home and be accepted among his people once more
Bonus: Spoils of war; Duty awarded if rebel cell is installed

The team must purchase a large order of weapons for the assault then forge the documents to pass the Imperial Blockaide on Kashyyyk. If these two objectives can be reached then next step is to fake a vehicle malfunction in order to secretly implant the ground forces necessary for an all out assault on the traitor Isshaddik and his supporters.

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