Melakan's Run


Level: Knowledge: Core Worlds – Drydek

Action: Deliver Cargo

Companions: Hobgobble; Sullustan Flight Crew ;Wookiee Refugees; Hala Da Res and her Zeltron Courtesans

Client: Melakan the Hutt Criminal (Hutts)

Location: Orbital platform Sinjan(18-14)

Inside Information: We’ve got someone on the inside WHO?

Mini-mission THE CHALLENGE

The Players
Hala Da Res is the face
Sullustan Flight Crew handles the driving
Wookiee Refugees do the heavy lifting and provide security

Y = Yellow Proficiency Die
G = Green Ability Die
B = Blue Boost Die
R = Red Challenge Die
P = Purple Difficulty Die
S = Black Setback Die

Part I Setting up the deal

*Travel to Tatootine *
Plan arrival: Astrogation YYY vs P (Longer but safer route) or PPP (fastest bonus route)
Dock at loader: Piloting check YYY vs P (Longer more cautious approach) or PPP for (faster bonus approach)

Negotiated with Konatta
Negotiations – Negotiate YYGG vs Negotiate RRP
Bonus: Seducer – Charm YYGG vs Cool RPP

Load the cargo
Load: YYYR check vs P (Carfeful and simple loading) or PPP (Quick and risky bonus loading)
Bonus: Stop the desperate low-lifes YYYG vs PP repeated until at least 5 successes rolled

Part 2
Travel to Mirit
Plan route: Astrogation YYY vs P or PPP for bonus
Avoid the Checkpoint!: Piloting YYY vs RPPS
Fail: Boarded! read Seducing an Officer
Pass: read Docking Procedures

Seducing an Officer
Hala Charm YYGG vs Cool RPP
Fail: read Wookiee Rampage
Pass: read Docking Procedures

Wookiee Rampage
YYYG vs PP repeated until at least 15 successes rolled; if an individual result fails heavy Wookiee casualties occurred
Pass: read Docking Procedures
Fail: Everyone was captured by the Empire including cargo

Docking Procedures
Piloting check YYY vs PP
Meet with our inside person to finish the deal
Load: YYYR check vs P or PPP bonus
Stay Hidden: Stealth GGG vs RP
Pass: Wookiees go unnoticed
Fail: Read Wookiee Rampage
Bonus: Sweeten the deal Negotiate YYGG vs Negotiate RRP

Player Quest List

Melakan's Run

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