Brawn 1
Agility 3
Intellect 4
Cunning 3
Willpower 2
Presence 2

Astrogation (Int) 2; Computers (Int) 2; Coordination (Ag) 1; Mechanics (Int) 2; Stealth (Cun) 1; Streetwise (Cun) 1; Underworld (Int) 1

Tinkerer 2 page 145
Speaks Binary page 143
Solid Repairs page 143
Toughened page 145

Heavy Blaster Pistol; Heavy Clothing; Backpack; Comlink (handheld); Disguise Kit; Scanner Goggles; Slicer Gear; Space Suit; Stimpack (5); Tool Kit; Utility Belt

Backgroup and Appearance

When Moshem was ten his tribe branded him kinslayer and banished him into the forest to survive or die alone. Moshem’s brother had been made insane and homicidal for the amusement of off-world smugglers who laced baited food with potent psychotropic drugs. Acting in self defense against the berserking attack Moshem ended up taking his brothers life. For a time Moshem was able to sustain himself however his young age and long odds eventuality caught up to him. Starving and malnourished when Zebdar stumbled upon him she took pity on Moshem and adopted him as her partner. For years Zebdar taught Moshem the ins and outs of living on starships and the bounty hunter lifestyle. With the help of the protocol droid Sleazy-CZ Moshem was able to learn basic and other languages. He took to computers and machines rapidly and was able to master these skills over the years. Moshem was often confined to ship or quarters with nothing but a datapad or a computer terminal and has learned to pull out ever pieces of knowledge from these devices. Moshem has develop a passion for reading and often is disguised as a Jawa when in public.



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