Shiv (Throen)

A Kubaz spy for hire and smuggler of black market relics. Obsessively snacks on small insects. He hates insectile species in general and Geonosians in particular. Swindled Tomoar out of a priceless native relic then poisoned the wookiee and his brother. The relic made Shiv a fortune and the poisoning left Tomoar dependent on obscure herbs while his wookiee brother died. Tomoar now hunts Shiv to seek the relic returned and to make him answer for his brother.

One of his vessels is a G1-M4-C Dunelizard, a fast and maneuverable medium starfighter sometimes used by pirates, bounty hunters, and colonists throughout the Outer Rim. He has it custom painted to feature his personal symbol, the silhouette of a Twi’lek dancer against a crescent moon.

The vessel was last seen crashing into the orbit of Ryloth.

Custom G1-M4-C Dunelizard
Silhouette:3 Speed: 4 Handling:+1
Defense:1 Amour:3
Hull Trauma Threshold: 8
System Strain Threshold:7
Weapon:Forward mounted linked medium laser cannons (Skill: Gunnery [πππ]; Range Close; Damage: 6; 1 Advantage: Linked – this weapon hit a second time for damage equal to the first).

Has been known to work with
Tubba the Hutt Shiv is a Kubaz spy employed by Tubba to help coordinate some of the more shadowy aspects of his business.

Biter Unknown


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