Level: 1

Action: Investigate/Reprogram

Client: Darth Agara/Droid Collector

Inside Information: Connected with Jessa Thanewulf’s

Payment: 2000 credits (selling the droid)

Updates This droid was reprogrammed about 500 years ago by Darth Agara who wanted to reclaim his ancient-experiment from the hands of the Jedi. The droid failed in its mission and it’s self and Jessa where lost in an asteroid belt for millenniums.


This droid was found amongst the wreckage of the Derelict Ship that was adrift in an asteroid field. Our Ventures Heroes retrieved the unit and brought it aboard the Rancor’s Daughter. It is severally damaged and needs repaired. The droid appears to be an astromech droid but that is just a theory. The droid is of unique design once used around 500 years ago. Tomoar and Moshem where able to isolated its programming core and transfer that information to one of their on board terminals. The pair made further progress and restored the droid’s base mechanical functions however no programming has been put into place and the device operates only as a drone. Later the programming that had been stored on the ships computers was activated when the crew tried to investigate more about Jessa after she was thawed. Once activated it was transferred it’s droid brain into Zebdar’s fighter-droid and tried to escape. Tomoar destroyed the hostile program along with the fighter-droid. The droid needs a droid brain to function.


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