OBLIGATIONS: Betrayal; Bounty
MOTIVATION: Freedom – Flavor text goes here

FULL NAME AND ALIASES: Zebdar ; Zeta-Niner

GENDER: Female
AGE: 26

NOTABLE FEATURES: Text can start here

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The Gold Saber’s Graveyard: Exploring Cholganna the crew discover tantalizing evidence regarding their mission
The Forest Moon: Zebdar relives her first encounter with Moshem when she was working with Deena and Rashen
That’s the Droid We’re Looking For: The crew makes a deal with Isotech’s ceo to locate the Gold Sabre. While chasing a spy the crew stumble upon a robbery in progress. A nebula causes havok when they reach Cholganna.
Let’s Just Get Out of Here: Tomoar and Drydek Bel’Ram deal with Imperial impostors, a frenzied Wookiee, and a suicidal arms dealer. Zebdar deals with a pair of bounty hunters hot on her trail. Their mysterious cargo gives more questions then answers.
Cause and Effect: Drydek relives a fatal incidence from his secretive past.
The Strange Discovery: The team finish their business on Caral. A rogue asteroid field yields mysterious cargo on their journey to Tet’s Bazaar. Drydek finds trouble when a black market deal goes astray.
Betrayal on Kashyyyk and Speed and Greed: The crew give Konatta data and send him to the Hutts in clear their name. Tomoar shares his story. Drydek Bel’Ram put the groups ship on the line and ends up with Y-Wing. Zebdar wins the Caral Grand Prix
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: The crew con their way into Tubba’s Palace and face the gangster. Tomoar proves his aim is true. Drydek Bel’Ram makes a good Pit Boss. Zebdar leads a stealthy exit
Returning the Favor: The crew escort O’Brin Dor to New Kusa and encounter bounty hunters. Tomoar shows he has no limits if threatened. Drydek Bel’Ram inspires the miners to act. Zebdar takes the fight straight to the source
The Cleanup Crew: The Ship has issues and the crew finds the prisoner O’Brin Dor who leads them to Ryloth. Drydek gains an ally Bevel Pax. Tomoar encounters the foe Shiv.
The Bounty Hunter’s Solution: Zebdar forms a partnership with Tomoar the bodyguard and Drydek Bel’Ram the Bothan politico.
Claiming Rewards: Zebdar, Moshem, Cyandi, and Silver return to Caral to cash in and tie up loose ends.
Riders in the Void: Zebdar, Moshem, Cyandi, and Silver discover more then they are looking for during their deep space slavage mission
Zeta-Niner: Zebdar and Moshem are introduced to Cyandi. Zebdar relives the past when she reunites with her old friend Silver.
Bury Her Alive: Zebdar is rescued by Moshem and the the pair race towards revenge.

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