Drydek Bel'Ram

Bothan Colonist; Politico, Force Sensitive Excile




Colonist; Politico, Force Sensitive Excile
Drydek’s Character Sheet

Drydek’s Oath: Shadowed Whisper
Drydek’s Oath: Ways of the Jedi

Drydek’s Duty: Intelligence

ABILITIES: Start with 1 rank of Streetwise and with one rank of Convincing Demeanor


Drydek Bel’Ram’s lust for information is matched only by his desire to keep his hide intact. Though he has always considered himself an opportunist and without moral compass, his encounters with the Empire and the dark side of the force have awakened a budding heroism in the young Bothan.

Update: After running afoul of the Empire’s plans, Drydek is no longer tempted by the dark side of the force. Seeing them take revenge against the Wookies on a planetary scale only reenforces his newfound desire to aid the rebel forces. This does not supersede his desire for the control of information or his ultimate goal, to have Nowhere towed into orbit around the uncharted planet the Others discovered and make it defense station and the planet a base of operations


Status -
with in The Shadowed Whisper
Power - Personal gain.

FULL NAME AND ALIASES: Drydek Bel’ram; Cryptic 23

HEIGHT: 1.5 Meters
BUILD: Average

NOTABLE FEATURES: None, Drydek has completely average Bothan features.

BACKGROUND: At an early age left Bothawui to live on Torolis.

NOTABLE Events: GM During Drydek’s early youth he was the secret perpetrator in a tragic and highly publicized accident. A Bothan youth died after suffering serious injures from the unintentional manipulation Drydek schemed. In an act of retaliation Drydek deceived an off-world gang into a violent altercation that took place in a derelict building. Drydek watched from a distance as the altercation went horribly wrong culminating in the death of a Bothan Admiral’s son. The event made media attention but Drydek was too busy starting his new life on Torolis to follow the local headlines.

see also Cause and Effect

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Drydek Bel'Ram

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