Bad Seed

Mission Success

Recovered 6 Frag grenades
Flower’s Hidden stash (14,000 Credits)
R8-E5 (Areight Efive) Astromech a bonus gift to the crew from the Governor
Mission Pay: 8,000 Credits

Level: Knowledge: Core World – Drydek

Action: Bounty (Capture) Dak ‘Turbo’ Maxly Human Hired Gun
Wanted for armed robbery, kidnapping, and murder. A team is to quietly infiltrate his makeshift base then capture the target alive and if possible find and free any hostages. The mission needs to be done secretly and the client won’t pay for sloppy work. civilian deaths; high casualties; breaking the law; failure to capture will not be tolerated

Client: Brejik Ross Human wealthy trader

Location: Low-tech village on Bogden

Inside Information: Dak is holed up in an abandoned settlement with is gang the Pit Vipers on the planet Bogden. Most citizens avoid that part of the planet or are too afraid to venture their. Restricted weapons most be smuggled onto the planet but are freely usable in the wastelands where they are hiding.

The Father’s Story
Dak is in love with [[:Brejik Ross|Brejik Ross’s]] daughter Flower. Dak was to ask Flower for a date while she was working at her fathers store. While there another of Flower’s suitors Gordin Hon beat Dax to the prize and secured a date with the beautiful Flower. Enraged the dangerous law-breaker killed Gordin and ran off with his daughter. Brejik fears involving the local law knowing that with Dak faces life imprisonment if caught will try and go out with a blaze of glory putting Flower in harms way.

Payment: 6000 credits and a special item

Player Quest List

Bad Seed

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