Jessa Thanewulf


A jedi knight who went missing two-thousand and fifteen years ago (see also Carbonite Stranger). She matches the description of the person encased in a hibernated state encased in carbonite.

Brought back to a conscious state by Drydek Bel’Ram, Tomoar, and Zebdar with the assistance from Tala Card and their IsoTech resources. Adventure: Return of a Jedi

Jessa and the Parties Interactions

  1. Jessa doesn’t know why she is frozen or ended up where she was.
  2. Jessa isn’t up for training the force sensitives due to age the dangers of the Sith
  3. Jessa suggest that they cease meddling with the force
  4. However she has been persuaded to trust Drydek.
  5. Jessa has observed the group and they have prove themselves to be good people if a little rough around the edges.
  6. Jessa will help the team with their operation to bring down Biter if in return she is brought to the Rebel Alliance
  7. Jessa’s relationship with Drydek, and Zebdar slowly warms but Tomoar remains untrusting of her
  8. Jessa suffers major wounds and is incapacitated during a raid to liberate slaves, she is revived by Tomoar

Jessa Thanewulf

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