Just Another Slow Boat


Mission converted to NPC Mini-mission


Level: Knowledge: Lore – Tomoar

Action: Deliver Passengers/Reconnaissance
Escort the Bith band [[:Plated Haze]] to a freighter convoy located in the Outer Rim. Silver Haze is secretly a covert spy team who needs to get close to a high ranking Imperial member who is known to frequent one of the many accompanying pleasure vessels.

Client: Tomoar’s old friend Nemo Matale an aging Bith female freighter captain that hired Tomoar as one of his deck hand and helped with his escape from Kashyyyk.

Location: Cloud Nine freighter convoy

Inside Information: We’ve got a good feeling about this! Start with all Light Side Destiny Points; Will reduce one of our Obligations

Payment: 4500 Credits; Start the finale to Tomoar’s Betrayal Obligation

The Mission

  • Travel to convoy – Astrogation Prealus Senb
  • Setup a cover – Negotiation Hala Da Res Buy local trade good with ship merchant for 5000 base credits.
  • Silver Haze gigs – The band plays on the traveling cantinas and pleasure ships until they pinpoint which vessel ?Target will be arriving aboard.
    • Each player rolls Skulduggery YYG vs RP or Stealth YYG RP to gather clues for the day
    • A total of 3 passed attempts are necessary to pinpoint the location
    • The players can not fail more then 3 times (EXPOSED) or 7 days have passed (EXPIRED)
    • Threat generated adds a half day to the search result to pinpoint the search
    • Despair Increases authority presence add a setback to all checks each time a Despair is rolled
    • Advantage can be used to generate boost die or decrease the search time a halfday per Advantage
    • Triumph can be used to ditch tails and throw off the authority if generated, or provide valuable but unrelated information
  • The GM will inform you about the final phase


Silver Haze has contracted a viral infection from encountering so many species while courousing and are unable to preform its up to the sidekicks to save the day.

Some options

Hala Da Res can try to charm and and seduce her way aboard
Wookiee minions can coercer (bouncers) their way in or join as servants (athletics) setbacks due to race relations
?Per can buddy up to the Captain (leader ship or shop talk) then Mechanic (Droid eavesdroppers) Computer (Security Cameras)

Player Quest List

Just Another Slow Boat

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