Secret Asteroid Station


Sensor Range: Long
Hangar Bay: Max Capacity 24 Silhouette Max Size Silhouette 5
Passenger Capacity: 30
Consumables: Two Years
Customized Hard Points: 6
Encumbrance Capacity: 2500
Operation Costs: 15,000 to 50,000 credits a year


Hangar Bay: Capture Sith Drone Fighter
Conference Room: Seats twelve at a desk centered around a large holo-projector
Computer Lab and Droid Bay: Several basic workstations; Droid service stations
Garage and Mechanics workshop: 10000 Credits worth of armor repair; Moshem’s nest
Infirmary: Two bacta tanks, basic lab stations and recovery rooms
Five Luxury Suites: Each room features a double bed; couch; table and two chairs; a small kitchen; personal refresher with shower and hot tub
Barracks and Refresher: Shared quarters and refreshers; rec room;
Galley and Kitchen: Seats and equipment to furnish all passengers
Garden Room: unused; fountain & stream not functioning
Brig and Security: Cell for six; secured weapon lockers; firing range
Maintenance Room: Equipment for the station’s air, heat, sanitation, and energy
Cargo Storage: Repulser Forklift


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